The silver sliver of a moon wished me good morning.

I wondered why it was smiling so early in the day.

Or perhaps it was late in the night.

I guess it all depends on which direction you’re coming from or going to.

Once there was light enough, I set off to feed the fish.

The cows were grazing in the north. I don’t usually see them so early. It was a nice surprise.

I searched only a short time to find my first favorite song.

The first piece of music I can recall.

Tchaikovsky wrote it long ago but I didn’t know that when I was so very young.

I only went to the movie theater twice with my mother.

The song is from that first movie we saw together.

My feet couldn’t even touch the floor that afternoon.

Today, Tchaikovsky came with me into the heart of the world.

We had a cherished front row seat from which to watch and to listen.

The fish ate tortillas, not popcorn.

But, they seemed happy all the same.

The wonder of it played before me…

..all crimson and golden…

….and I knew why the silver sliver of a moon was smiling…


ellie894 November 11, 2020

18 thoughts on “wonder…

      1. Smiling moons, tortilla eating fish…and happy memories with a beautiful soundtrack playing—Life is grand. You express the mood so tenderly. And you allow us to share in the moment. Thank you, Suzanne. 💓

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      2. Yes. Truly a gift. Your words make me think! 😉 and now I’m going to see about the wonder of cleaning the gutters! Love and hugs to you dear friend.❤️🤗

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