The wind sounds and resounds all through the wistful gusting night

Gathering the stars from their heavenly repose sending them special delivery

Blustering.. falling.. landing.. upon the cold hard earth

No matter how carefully I step, they crackle and crunch beneath me

Their brilliance ground to a fine dust..

So, winter begins its weary yawning and stretching forth in silent days

one beyond another…

There is a tender twinkle in the eye of it, time enough for the windswept stardust to settle,

to mix with rain and melt into the heart of the world, becoming something new.

As surely as Aurora bears the dawn, tiny stars are ever near

They nestle close in the barren places, eager to hear the dreams of the wild things,

Ones who journey long and know

of the embers glowing in Autumn’s Stardust

and feel their burning fire that warms your very soul


ellie894 November 19, 2020


6 thoughts on “embers…

  1. How lucky you are to have the stars beneath your feet and over your head too! No wonder your Woods are Magic… they’re nourished in Stardust😉 You must’ve absorbed some too, because your words are Magical as well! Thank you for sharing them!🌠✨💫💕🤗🥰🦋

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    1. Sweet gum leaves make me think so much of stars ⭐️. They’re still pretty but they’ve started falling now and covering the ground. Thank you so much! 🥰🦋💫🤗💞

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