At least a dozen years ago I was asked a question

over the kumquats

by a stranger.

It stopped me in my tracks.

At first, I wasn’t quite sure what she meant by it.

Soon enough it came clear and I smiled.

It was a very simple question,

or so I thought at the time.

Now and then her question returns to my mind.

And, so it did this morning.

I found myself thinking of all the lovely possibilities of it.

She was looking for one right answer, yes.

But, there are so many many more..

The play of numbers, the petals of a flower,

rain, whether it’s falling or simply trying to,

music that becomes a part of you, silence too,

and breathing…. just to name a few…

A few of what?

It doesn’t matter really, what her question was to me.

I imagine that somewhere along your own way

over the last dozen years or so

that someone has asked you a question.

Perhaps they even asked you over the kumquats.

One that remains on in your heart

and reminds you now and then

to ask yourself what the answer is….

Just maybe, there are more sweet answers

than you will ever know..

Just maybe, the important thing is to keep wondering

over the question…


ellie894 December 2, 2020

8 thoughts on “over the kumquats…

  1. I’ve never heard about kumquats, Suzanne. As I was reading your post, I thought it might be the name of a special kind of frogs based on the sound of the word “kumquat”. Of course I wasn’t sure and googled it. What a surprise! “Kumquat” is the name of a type of sweet citrus fruit. As I was reading the description of this brand new fruit (at least to me), names and pictures of other exotic fruits popped up, Fortunella, Pitahaya, Feijoa… oh my goodness, how little I know about fruits…Thanks for enlightening me…🙃☺️

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    1. I love that Isabelle! Now I know some new fruits too. I’ve not heard of the ones you mentioned. Can you believe how many different kinds there are. Do you get watermelon there? It’s a wonderful sweet summer fruit here. Thank you, Isabelle. Take care. 😊💞

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      1. We do have watermelons her although they’re mostly imported from Spain 🍉🍉🍉 Oh gosh! How much I love watermelons! I eat one watermelon every day in summer 🙃

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  2. There are always more answers to find. That’s what makes life so exciting. How dull everything would be without the mysteries to solve.💃🏼✨🌈🦋
    Beautiful picture too! So serene… a perfect spot to ponder…🥰💕

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