Branches touch

and roots intertwine

where we

are helpless to see.

But in the heart of

the woods

the trees know

that holding

each other

makes the whole forest


for the little things.


ellie894 December 12,2020

5 thoughts on “unseen…

  1. It looks like “adult” trees watching over “tot” trees. Like a preschool for trees😍😂 The Magic Woods look after the little trees and all the animals too. That’s why we should hug trees… to say Thank You.😉🌲🌱🤗✨💫🦋💞


    1. Oh, I love that! Tree preschool 😄. That’s right at the spot where the field meets the hill going upwards and the path heading down to the left, into the woods. A lovely spot for a preschool. Thank you! 🥰🎶✨🌱🌲🌱🌲🌱🌲

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