Blue Jay photographed Saturday December 12, 2020

More than misty,

It is drizzling

and cold.

Early I filled

the feeders

adding some extra

just to be sure

there would be enough.

You see,

there is a blue jay

that has been visiting

as of late.

She has a hurt wing

and cannot fly.

But, she can hop

as sure as

a summer leopard frog.

Has the diminishment

of her wing,

given rise to

a new strength

in her spindly legs.

I leave out a little extra

seed these days


in the morning

when she is most likely

to stop by.

I hope she returns

to the sky soon.

I hope she awakens

one day

and her wing

will bear her

once more

upon the invisible

waves of wind.

I imagine her


even as I see her

among the leaves,

distilled to

her very essence

by the ground

and the pain..

She survives

and more…

She soars

in grace

and gratitude

with a strength

of spirit

that only her heart



ellie894 December 13, 2020

11 thoughts on “she’s got this…

  1. Awww… poor thing! She’s beautiful!
    And what a beautiful poem about overcoming adversity and soaring once again!
    I hope she DOES fly again, and takes the memory of your kindness with her!🐦✨💃🏼💞🤗🥰

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    1. I have seen here every few days for a couple weeks now! She inspires me with her resilience! One day she will fly through the yard and I won’t realize it’s her because she won’t be hopping anymore. Thanks! 🐦⭐️💕💃🥰

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    1. I have tried a couple of times to see if she would let me get close enough to help her more but she’s very fast which is good of course. I hope the very same thing for her Isabelle ❤️ Thank you for your kind thoughts 🥰❤️

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