Is it the tears of the sky

that fill the chasm

or the egret

wading in the shallows

Is it the voice of the songbird

riding upon the breeze

or the heart that rests

in open hands

the ones without

the leaves

Is it the feathers

that catch the air

and sail the heavens free

or is it always you,

my love

that I hear and know and see

in all the hopeful little things

that gently find

their way to me


ellie894 December 28, 2020

5 thoughts on “finding…

  1. What a cool picture!! I love the little berries or whatever they are at the ends of the branches. It’s like it’s offering little gifts even though the leaves are gone.

    It fits so perfectly with your beautiful words. Hope and love and light in the darkness and across any distance. 💝✨🤗🥰🌿💕🦋

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