Whispering and wild

It stayed so near

Beckoning me…

To follow if you please

So I did

When we arrived

At the winsome waterside

I knew

More than I needed to walk

I needed to be still

So I thought,

I will

And the light danced

…across the water

And the beckoning

…played the tune

And one snowy

….white crane flew

And it was

….a veritable dream

The light upon the lake

The crane and me

And the wild wild wind

….who always knew


ellie894 January 16, 2021

14 thoughts on “the beckoning…

  1. I saw the picture and wondered if that was really a bird or a trick of the light and branches…
    Then I read your words… WOW!!
    SO much magic in your woods and in you too😉✨
    Thank you for sharing the awe and wonder!😍💕💐🦋💃🏼💝

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    1. I know! Birds against the sky like that could be anything. Good eyes! I just happened to have the camera open so I took several and hoped I would get at least one picture of him worth sharing. It was cold and windy yesterday but definitely worth the walk. Thank you! Have a super evening! 🥰🌷🦋💃💝

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  2. I’ve come to know that snowy white bird well. 🙂
    A beautiful story of the bird’s day and the treat the bird
    provided for you and all of us to see.

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