Some days

The words







Polka dotted


All akimbo

Without a hand

To play

But, some days

They’re as warm

As sunset

Reaching ever far

Into the cold

untouched places

of nowhere

at the end

of a black tar road

that’s only

the beginning

of a long long night

holding gently

to a gone away day

And some days

they flutter

softly within reach

in kind invitation

To be at peace

..with your reflection


ellie894 February 5, 2021

9 thoughts on “some days …

    1. Polka dotted domino days keep you on your toes, even when you don’t wanna be 🙃. Happy dancing and hoping you’ve had some magical moments to hold dear.
      Thank you!! 🌈🦄🦜🦋🎶💃💝

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