I’ve only just had

A lightbulb idea

First, I pause to wonder

Why do they call them that

Couldn’t they be a sunshine idea


But, they don’t call them that

Not even Snoopy does

It’s a lightbulb idea

For certain

So let’s pull back the curtain

To a land of adventure

Waiting to be discovered


Helicopters whirling

Below the clouds

Airplane humming

Right out loud

So far below

Is where the smiles

Walk to and fro

After they park their cars

And step off their trams

Under the stars

With a moo and a meow

A friendly bunny

And a gentle lamb

All friends of Santa

Listening well for his

Ho ho ho

Above the footstep drums

Of the great gray elephant

As off… we… go…



ellie894 March 4, 2021

Chalk drawings courtesy of the children of California 🙂

15 thoughts on “lightbulb idea….

  1. A perfect story for the children’s drawings this morning.
    You might want to include those images at end.
    Thank you for the story.
    Hope you are having a great day.

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  2. Why IS it a light bulb? What a fun poem to go with the fun drawings!✨💃🏼💫🦋💕 I love seeing sidewalk art on a Summer Evening or early in the morning. The kiddos leave some of their joy embedded in their art😍

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