Ellie Bear

I had just begun to write about how she was sleeping.

Not dreaming of chasing.

Maybe of gentle wildflower places.

I tiptoed in to check her, my Ellie girl.

To put my hand upon her and feel her breath slow and easing, both to me and to her.

Satisfied, I returned to the kitchen and set about to write of her…

Then she came tapping down the hallway, stopping just there to steady herself.

And, I smiled for the seeing of her.

I Put away my writing for a time so as to fix her morning nosh.

Now, I sit on the edge of the porch and she on the earth at my feet, eating al fresco.

The doves sing overhead.

Dobby and Jack keep watch over all things.

Bo waits for her to finish, hoping she will leave a bit for him.

She deserves every bite of goodness and blue skies the world has to offer…for all that she has given me.


I call her My Ellie Girl,

Lellie Bellie Bear,

Ellie Bear,

My little Lelephant…

When my sweet companions would all go with me to the field and forest,

I would open wide the gate

..and they would fall in line,

An exuberant line,

behind me, one two three four five…

Me makes five.

All my little Lelephants, with Miss Ellie Bear in the lead and setting the tone.

She always but always has kept everyone in line.

I’m not sure if that makes me, Mama Tembo or her:)

But, here is our song….

the one that lines us up

sends us on grand adventures over hill and dale

or just down the long hallway for a nap…

and always helps us to find each other when one has lost their way….

Almost to the lake


ellie894 April 13, 2021

Baby Elephant Song, Henry Mancini

10 thoughts on “my little lelephant…

  1. She’s quite the pup.
    A hero to many… including both Red Bird and Black Squirrel.
    Hopefully they can all fit on the plane. 🙂

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  2. I can picture everyone trotting along to that song… Miss Ellie keeping all her troublesome, sweet brothers in line😉

    Isn’t wonderful how just laying your hand on a pup can ease them and us? (Sometimes I use my bare or sock foot instead of my hand😲😆)

    Beautiful pictures and beautiful words to match!😍🐘🐾🐕💕

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    1. Dobby was terrified of water when he was young. He learned it was ok because of Ellie. Fun even!

      I was doing just that this morning! While I was writing this I had my sock foot resting against her side. 😊

      I wandered back through some old pictures to find some of these. Thank you! 🐾🐘💕🤗

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