Beyond the bend

Chirrup and cheep

Rustle and scritch

For each of these

and for books

My father read to me

I have a photograph

So, I know it’s so

My mother sat beside me

To the right

Let me do the reading

He cheered me

Beyond the teacher’s

“Slow down”,

mild admonishment

respectfully ignored

She kept me

In books,

picture and otherwise

Wrapped with a bow

Or beneath my pillow

It is her own hand lettering

That graces the inside covers

Name and date

Before I could do it for myself

Scratch and tussle

Flutter and fly

…always one page more…


ellie894 April 15, 2021

2 thoughts on “one step more….

    1. That’s a great description, texture! Every year I think that same thing. Wow! There are so many greens. I never tire of them or of books. 😊. I don’t have a lot of books from childhood but I treasure the ones I do have. 🌷🦋✨🍭🥰📚

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