In the great darkness of the morning there was thunder and lightning and rain. I very nearly gave in to the sounds of it and let myself drift back to sleep. No matter. It was destined to be a go nowhere and do nothing kind of day…all gray skies outside and all butterflies inside.

There was a poem about daily things written by a woman, nearly the same age as my dad. Her verses were good. I miss my dad.

There was a letter written by an author to a friend, a list of books she loved. And, I wondered once more at how I love to read about reading.

There was a painting that left me giggling a bit at how one person can be depicted in so many different places that he’s never ever been… and no, it’s not Where’s Waldo. 🙂

There was a favorite line by Rumer Godden. “It was the small things that helped, taken one by one and savored.” …. she’s right, you know. I paused just there to think of all the savoring to be done in a day…

The poet and the painter. Sunshine dispersing the clouds and the blue skies waiting to take their place. Wings set free today. Tiny curious noses that will also be on their way soon. So much hunger…needing to be fed.

The reading and the mingling of thought… a slow swing at the end of a meandering day…. and how it doesn’t take much to tie them altogether somehow…


ellie894 May 2, 2021

16 thoughts on “mingling….

    1. There’s always something new wandering in and that’s just fine with me. ☺️🦋🐾 Thank You for sharing in the beauty of small things! 🌷🥰🦎🍄✨🦋🐢💕

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    1. Yes! Someone brought them to me as they were separated from their mother too young. That was about a month ago. They’ve grown quite a bit since then and have been pretty enjoyable! I haven’t had much experience with them up close this way. It was really fascinating! It’s almost time for them to be on their own and that’s a good thing as well. Thank you! ☺️

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      1. They do ride on their mother’s back. But, if they get separated from her she will not return for them. I do pick them up some. The picture I used here, I had picked them up and they were sitting in a blanket in my lap. Very contented. ☺️. But I will admit that I have tried not to handle them too much these last few weeks as I hope to release them and not domesticate them. They are at ease with the sound of me and happy for mealtime 😄. When I do hold them, they’re more at ease being held closer to me and love to wrap their tail around my finger. That’s a pretty sweet feeling. Tail wrapping is a skill they use for lots of things, including gathering nesting materials. They’re amazing climbers! Their little paws look a lot like primate hands and grasp easily to help them do all kinds of things. And they hiss! 😄I don’t mind being hissed at as it tells me they’re getting there just like they should be. Thanks!

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  1. You have cosy and cutie friends Suzanne. You are nurturing possums too. Oh they look lovely and cuddly. Your poem alerts me to start reading. Off to reading now. Have an amazing day Suzanne 🙂 (heart)
    Ah we too experienced rains in the morning and I slept more… 😀

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    1. Glad you enjoyed some extra sleep! Hope your reading was super duper. 🙂 They are quite sweet for the most part and I’ve enjoyed taking care of them. Thank you 😊 ❤️

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