Just when I was going to begin building an ark, the rain stopped and the sun began to shine. The words flutter and clutter so here am I to set them free. If I simply write without erase, will I return at another time and see mistakes. Things so out of place. Will I sigh and begin to fix them. Line breaks, misspellings and too many commas,,, or not nearly enough. But I am inclined to say there are far fewer things in this world that need fixing and far more that simply need to be loved.

So I will let them shine like the long lost sun. And instead I will marvel at the empire that rests atop the world, carry seed to a place where there isn’t any, shudder at the slither through the tall grass that reminds me why I wear boots… take cautious steps so as not to land on the baby hop toad, and listen….to the whisper of a wing upon the wind…


ellie894 May 27,2021

14 thoughts on “long lost sun

      1. Fire ants are far more aggressive than these guys. I don’t usually see them at all unless they’re on the “trail” bringing bits of leaves back. I’ve heard that you shouldn’t drive over something like this though. Their underground tunnels are even more extensive and there could easily be a cave-in. Sounds like a Scary movie to me! 😄

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  1. It’s such a treat when the Sun comes out from behind the clouds!

    I bet all the plants and critters were just as happy as you were. That purple spiderwort looks very happy, stretching up to reach the Sun😆

    We have a small red ant colony mixed it with the nettles and goat head thorn plants, and dandelions in front. The songbirds love to hang out there, so I just leave it😉💕🐾🌻🤗🥰🐦

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    1. It Was a treat!

      They sure all seemed happy. ☺️ purple spiderwort, thank you! There are a few varieties of it out there but I can tell they’re all related based on the leaf structure and so forth. They don’t bloom long so I have to enjoy them while I can. ☀️💙

      Oh, that sounds pretty. I’d leave it too, especially if the songbirds come 🎶🐦🌼🌻😍🤗

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      1. My pleasure 🙂
        Thank you muchly 🙂
        I happen to come across some applications which host photography and video contests. The photos taken with the help of mobile phones and other small related gadgets. If you would like I will love to share the link.

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