From the back porch early,

Jupiter twinkles and sprinkles

So brightly shining, while

Saturn swirls and twirls

Already hiding

Behind the sweetgum cedar

Sky fence

Dobby stands stock still

To the side of me

And Jack,

Always more adventurous, Jack

Treks, into the dark unknown

Perhaps, it is the voice

Of the whippoorwill

That calls to him

To go searching

In the morning nighttime

For something…


Soon enough

He returns

And, we

still sleepy three

Journey back

To within…

soft music,



Long long before

…the day light…


ellie894 June 13, 2021

4 thoughts on “pure

  1. That not light wee early morning is such a peaceful magical time! I don’t see it as often during the summer months, but occasionally…

    I saw Jupiter and Saturn at 3am. I didn’t hear a whipoorwhirl, not sure we even have them… I *did* hear my bed calling me back for a couple more hours though😉😂

    Brave Jack the explorer while Dobby stayed on guard. Sweet pups!
    I hope your day is as magical as it’s beginning!✨💫🥰💕

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    1. I love getting up early. I’m definitely not a night owl 🦉🙃

      Oh, I bet they were beautiful then ☺️⭐️✨ although I’m glad I missed them at 3. Super glad your bed called you back for some more 😴

      Thank you thank you! Cheers to exploring and magic! 🥰🌷✨💞


    1. Sometimes it’s hard to get up and get going 😄. But, it’s always worth it once I get outdoors and smell the fresh air. 🙃. Thank you, Kritika. Do keep well and keep up the beautiful artwork you’re creating. 💗

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