The tall grass reaches to my waist

And tickles my knees

The mid morning sun warms my back

Like a hot stone in the deep of winter

The soft clouds hover

And suddenly,

I long for the shade of them

to come closer

Brought by the breeze

And linger a while…

the trees close in around me instead,

Bee in the beautyberry

Faery in the butterfly pea

And I realize I have come

Without food for thee…

I’m sorry for such

So I make a promise

To return soon with something more,

And then the water will churn

Without help from the wind

As he comes from unseen places

To take the gifts

From my open hand…


ellie894 June 30, 2021

26 thoughts on “gifts

    1. I tried 4 times to get him! 😅. He was a fast little guy from one bloom to the next. It was nice to get out there early. I only wish I hadn’t forgotten the tortillas! Thank you ✨🌷🐝💫💃🎶🤗💞

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