Crepe Myrtles
Pear trees laden with fruit
Painted Lady on a ripened pear
Butterfly in the light

Only a few steps from home there is a row,

Of peeling and rosy trunked crepe myrtles.

They stand sentry,

between the the bend in the black tar road –

⁃ and the jumbled grassy green.

If you want to see the tender pinks of them,

You must look up and away,

For they bloom, so very skyward.

But when, late August catches them..





a gentle


of just


the corner..


And, there behind these slender reaching myrtles,

There are two,

old fashioned,

honest to goodness pear trees.

Their mottled gray bark is rough to the touch.

And their branches are bowed deeply,

As if in prayer,

With the bounty of the earth at their very edges.

Pear trees do not sway easy.

Not like a willow in a breeze.

They lumber in the hands of the wind,

Always holding strong to the weight.

One by one the heavy pears drop,

..from the surety of the tree,

To lay among the weeds and the wildflowers.

Under late summer’s sun,

The skins burst and the flesh is set free

As the sweetness of time itself unfolds.

And the butterflies come..

To taste of winter’s rest and spring’s new beginning

Of summer’s warmth and autumn’s letting go

Of the silence of the moon and the fire of the stars

This bountiful feast of the seasons

Long prepared

And so carefully laid

And the butterflies come..

To taste of the life in all things…


ellie894 August 29, 2021

10 thoughts on “the taste of life

  1. Oh, I love crepe myrtle trees. Their trunks are so pretty and their flowers draw bees 🐝 💕
    And Flutterbys on pears… two more of my favorite things!🦋🍐

    Your poem is beautiful and perfectly captures how time, sunshine, rain are combined by Mother Nature and held, then passed forward to her other creatures.

    Thank you for the sharing the joy and magic of Nature and starting my day with a smile!💫🌞🐝🦋🍐💕

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    1. Crepe myrtles are such a wonderful tree. I love when people let them get tall! The branches of pear trees amaze me because the fruit gets so heavy! I have a wild persimmon in the yard that i forget about most of the time. But when it drops it’s fruit and the butterflies come it’s such a treat! Some years are better than others for it.
      Thanks for stopping by to hang out with the Magic and Smile! 🌸🍐🦋🐝🌦💫💓

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