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  1. I had to Goigle your spotless🐞 ladybug 🤓. The orange legs, and white face with black spots – rather than black face with white spots- points to an Asian ladybug😲 they were introduced in the US in the 80s to nom nom all the aphids.

    Very cool picture and I learned new stuff about ladybugs, which are special to me💕💃🏼🥳 Thank You!!

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    1. Yes! Do you have the Asian Lady Beetles where you are? They multiply like crazy at certain times of the year and do a great job of munching on aphids and scale. Ladybugs are a true beetle because they have a hard protective wing over the top of their softer wings and it looks like they have a “T” on their back. 🤓

      Thank you for loving Ladybugs and Science! 🐞😝💃 way cool stuff! 💝

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      1. I don’t know if we have them here😲 I just learned of their existence. My Pecan could use a whole bunch of them! I’ve seen aphids and honeydew on the leaves☹ Lots of Ants and spiders too🤷🏼‍♀️ It’s a wild tree. I didn’t plant it so I just let it be.
        I am going to trim it this winter. Some of the low branches are dragging the ground🤪

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