At the edge of the drive

The lithe persimmon grows.

It bends all year

To find the sun.

Waiting for now,

When the tiny fruit

Which is mostly seed

Ripens and falls

So Abundantly!

I accidentally step on it

And my shoe slides a little

Across the skin of it.

When the day is hot

The scent carries all the way

To the back door.

It must go even further than here …

I know it’s so,

Because They gather from afar

To find a place

In the dappled shade

To feast

Before fluttering off

To hide nearby

In plain sight…


ellie894 October 12, 2021

11 thoughts on “In plain sight

  1. I love when I suddenly see something cool in plain sight! I swear I’ve done some comical “double takes” when that happens.😂

    Now you have two reasons for watching your footing around the tree!

    Thank you for sharing more Magic from your Woods💫🦋✨🥰

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    1. It’s so fun when you spot them. They seriously look like tree bark! You should see me trying to get the car out of the driveway 😂.
      Thanks for enjoying the “double takes” with me 🌱🌿✨💖🦋

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