I love the way, the sky flies up

And the silhouettes lay to rest

The way my footsteps swoosh

Through the tall fall grass

And far above me zips

The playful squirrel,

from branch to branch

and leaves to leaves

The way he likes it best

Until the evening when he returns

Unto his cozy nest …


ellie894 October 14, 2021

6 thoughts on “Swoosh…

  1. All of our squirrels are ground squirrels, so having one above me in the branches would be a treat!

    Knowing me, I’d be looking up instead of where I was going and fall flat on my… 🤷🏼‍♀️everything😂😂 That would give the squirrels something to chatter and giggle about😂

    That photo makes me wish I could fly up to those clouds and follow where they lead🕊💕🦋💫

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    1. You gave me a giggle 😄. I forget about ground squirrels.
      I’m not even sure that we have any. A few weeks ago I saw one running along the ground and had to do a double take. It had a mouthful of something which turned out to be a baby! It was moving its baby just like a cat would. I had never seen them do that before. Pretty cool. ☺️

      Me too!! 💫🕊🪶🦋💞

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