softly I call


you go about


of one thing

or another

or maybe

of nothing much at all,


a tiny bit

of a something

catches your attention

and you stop

and you bend

not to retrieve it

but simply

to see it

and be near it…


ellie894 September 19, 2021


There are times when it’s so very still here.

A hallowed sanctuary without doors or windows.

The comings and goings are silent and purposeful.

But this morning there are wings fluttering in the shade.

On a branch nearby and another further on….

They sing a note or two ..

And the light hears them..

And smiles ..


ellie894 August 1, 2021


I love the way the creek twists and turns and I can only see so far at any given time. 

But when I keep walking and come to a new place, I can see more.  

See the water from another direction.  

And, some days the light falls so lovely and I am in the right place at the right time to see it there.

It is a beautiful little gift in an ordinary day.  

Making it not so ordinary after all…

I hope today is ordinary for you. 

And that it is full of beautiful little things to light your way…


ellie894 June 21, 2021

within you…

Roots to hold you well

Branches to reach for the sky

Sunshine to warm your spirit

Wings that you may fly

A trunk so strong

To keep the water of life

Ever inner, ever flowing

Rolling greens

To soothe your soul

And bonnets of blue

That your heart may always sing

A tiny nest

Nestled among them

A home that you may rest…


ellie894 February 26, 2021


No matter who you are

No matter how much or how little you have

Everyone has something to give

A word of kindness,

A cookie,

A smile

Happy Feast of Saint Nicholas!

May you know joy in giving…

Suzanne ❤️

December 6, 2020


Beauty is mysterious, a slow presence who waits for the ready, expectant heart.

John O’Donohue

May beauty find you ready, this day and everyday.

Suzanne ❤️

November 29, 2020

happy thanksgiving….

All shall be well

And all shall be well

And all manner of things shall be well

Happy thanksgiving

Suzanne 💛🍂🧡🍁


Ellie, Jack, Huckleberry, Bo, Sonya, and Dobby

November 26, 2020