Turn the page…

Cicadas don’t exist –

only for me.

They just do is all.

But the sound of them,

transports me…

I am a young girl again.

Summer days are hot

…and so sleepy..

The library is cool,

a respite from the scorching sun.

I walk determinedly

to the grown up desk

And pick up my very own

folded in half, book log.

It has neat lines

waiting to be filled,

with titles and authors,

and there are places

where the stars

will sit in time,

tiny mementos of a reading journey.

Glittering reminders that you did it!!

I go home

with an armful of books,

a Maiden’s armor

against the slow ticking

of an afternoon clock.

Folk tales and faery tales

spread wide before me,

in width and breadth and hours.

The choice is mine…

I dive in whole heartedly

Splashing and Vigorous!

As surely as into a spring fed pond.

I ripple the surface

and turn the pages,

ever deeper into the antiquity

of the telling.

And finding

my very own self

there among them.

And knowing I was, all along


the cicadas do not exist only for me


a slow hum

in the distant tree tops

Always takes me..

..far away

… to once upon a time…


ellie894 October 26, 2021

sprawling empires…

Ant Lions Rule September

When the ground is dusty and dry

Making it easy for them to create sprawling empires

In summer’s parched desert.

Oddly enough they bring to mind..

..the towering pyramids of Egypt

Reaching for the sky.

Not that I’ve been there.

I haven’t.

But in September,

I look down into the soft sand,

Hollowed so carefully into funnels,

An open invitation to swirl to their center,

As openly downward and inward

as the pharaoh’s monuments

are visibly upward and outward.

Will one outlast the other..

in a scorching race that will continue to burn ..

so many September moons from now…


ellie894 September 14, 2019

whoever said…

Whoever said that grasshoppers are green

Or that only in the grass they are to be seen

A tree is a grand throne from which time may pass

And the color of the sun will warmly last

He looks very well to me

And quite as happy as ever he could be


ellie894 September 8, 2019