for thee…

This day

I will paint

The tiniest bee

And place her in

A flowering tree

To buzz

And to hum

And to make honey

sweet, for thee..


ellie894 October 18, 2021


Two blossoms collided

Without the help

of a super conductor

Super collider

They met with such force that

The void, tore asunder

And the chasm, emptied of its once



Two blossoms collided

beyond themselves

In a starry night sky,

And thus, the two

Into a lavender

blue, butterfly…


ellie894 June 16, 2021

i leave the windows…

I leave the windows

and the walls behind

to venture out

…and know the caress,

of the wind

…and feel the silence,

in the growing things


all my heart can hold,

to carry it

as far as far

so as to give to you…


ellie894 April 23, 2020


Such a tiny treasure 
Shall I try
To paint her portrait..
Gathered from the forest floor
With soft colors, a delicate brush
And swirls of imagination 
She shall have..
A dress of lovely lavender
Snowy white ruffles 
Tucked away just there
Gentle seams 
Repeating like heartbeats
Will it be a violet then
When I add myself to it
Would you have noticed before..
As she stood so quietly hidden..
Among the fallen leaves
Under barren trees
..carry her with you this day
Wherever you may go
And know
That I am
There too….

ellie894 February 19, 2020

between the trees…

I love the way yellow

Makes its way between the trees of the forest

Flows like a stream over an open field

Whether it arrives

As the sweet rays of dawn

Whispering good morning

Or the first daffodils

Of a not yet spring

Or dandelions

Destined to be wishes on the wind

Or swirls of paint

Singing a song of love

Or a satin ribbon

Tied in her hair

Or a sunset shared,

And never to be forgotten

It brightens what was dim

Surprises when nothing was expected

Delivers the promise of spring

It is a warm smile

That falls into a heart and makes of it a home…


ellie894 January 27, 2020


May the light of your smile come from within and shine with hope for all to see


ellie894 January 25, 2020


In a time

Sooner than you can imagine

You will be

a comfort and a beauty

Not because of anything you do

Only because

You’re you


You already are…


ellie894 August 7,2019