I climbed the hill

To leave the night

I climbed the hill

To reach the light

But when I found

The pinnacle

And breathed deep

The morning air

I came to realize

There was so much more

Than light

To share

The chuff of a deer unseen

A thousand shades of heavenly green

A caterpillar munching

A flock of ducks a-bunching

A mirror in which to see

Trees upside down

Gazing back at me

The curling

Swirling mists of rhyme

Through swiftly

Drifting clouds of time

Where clocks of sand will always fail

To grasp the walls of glass

So letting mystery prevail

Here and now

At last

A treasure rare

without the future or the past


ellie894 October 19, 2021


Downy feather upon the pier

Hints.. that while I was gone

Someone was here

Softly it waves,

barely a touch..

Sending me sleepy

to nighttime’s waters

at ease, and crystal clear


ellie894 July 29, 2021


From the back porch early,

Jupiter twinkles and sprinkles

So brightly shining, while

Saturn swirls and twirls

Already hiding

Behind the sweetgum cedar

Sky fence

Dobby stands stock still

To the side of me

And Jack,

Always more adventurous, Jack

Treks, into the dark unknown

Perhaps, it is the voice

Of the whippoorwill

That calls to him

To go searching

In the morning nighttime

For something…


Soon enough

He returns

And, we

still sleepy three

Journey back

To within…

soft music,



Long long before

…the day light…


ellie894 June 13, 2021


In the great darkness of the morning there was thunder and lightning and rain. I very nearly gave in to the sounds of it and let myself drift back to sleep. No matter. It was destined to be a go nowhere and do nothing kind of day…all gray skies outside and all butterflies inside.

There was a poem about daily things written by a woman, nearly the same age as my dad. Her verses were good. I miss my dad.

There was a letter written by an author to a friend, a list of books she loved. And, I wondered once more at how I love to read about reading.

There was a painting that left me giggling a bit at how one person can be depicted in so many different places that he’s never ever been… and no, it’s not Where’s Waldo. 🙂

There was a favorite line by Rumer Godden. “It was the small things that helped, taken one by one and savored.” …. she’s right, you know. I paused just there to think of all the savoring to be done in a day…

The poet and the painter. Sunshine dispersing the clouds and the blue skies waiting to take their place. Wings set free today. Tiny curious noses that will also be on their way soon. So much hunger…needing to be fed.

The reading and the mingling of thought… a slow swing at the end of a meandering day…. and how it doesn’t take much to tie them altogether somehow…


ellie894 May 2, 2021

the meeting….

It seems to me

that time is always racing

east to west.

It feels to me

that wind is always hurtling

west to east


I think

I’ve found the place

where they meet….


ellie894 April 19, 2021

winter’s doe…

The wind is full and blowing

The trees knock but not upon a door

I worry for the tall pines

My eyes, they search,

for the budding life of spring

I can hardly bear the sounds

Of progress far too close

My path crosses over

That of a silent other

They must feel it echo to their core

The changes… that are in store

Blow louder my sweet wind

Carry the unseen away

And let my thoughts run wild

And free

Upon this cold and fleeting

…March December day…


ellie894 March 10, 2021

little bit…

Little bit of water

Under a little bit of sky

Little bit of sun

Shining a little bit of why

Little bitty bird

Sings a little bitty song

Little bitty bug

Dances a little bit along

Little bit of day

Little bit of night

Little bit of darkness

Little bit of light

Little bit of kindness

And a little bitty smile

Makes little bitty moments

All worthwhile


ellie894 March 8, 2021