Turn the page…

Cicadas don’t exist –

only for me.

They just do is all.

But the sound of them,

transports me…

I am a young girl again.

Summer days are hot

…and so sleepy..

The library is cool,

a respite from the scorching sun.

I walk determinedly

to the grown up desk

And pick up my very own

folded in half, book log.

It has neat lines

waiting to be filled,

with titles and authors,

and there are places

where the stars

will sit in time,

tiny mementos of a reading journey.

Glittering reminders that you did it!!

I go home

with an armful of books,

a Maiden’s armor

against the slow ticking

of an afternoon clock.

Folk tales and faery tales

spread wide before me,

in width and breadth and hours.

The choice is mine…

I dive in whole heartedly

Splashing and Vigorous!

As surely as into a spring fed pond.

I ripple the surface

and turn the pages,

ever deeper into the antiquity

of the telling.

And finding

my very own self

there among them.

And knowing I was, all along


the cicadas do not exist only for me


a slow hum

in the distant tree tops

Always takes me..

..far away

… to once upon a time…


ellie894 October 26, 2021


Photo August 2015

The bubbles in my bath

Oh, how they make me laugh

No need for a shout

As they float round about

Popping clouds

in a watery sky

And, how my thoughts

do with them fly

A fluffy white crocodile

ever so near

Yet, here is me

Without any fear

With a wink and a giggle

As a snowy pink piggle

That once was nowhere

Is now suddenly somewhere

Leaving me blinking

And setting me to thinking

It really is worth a try

To lay in wonder and not to ask why


ellie894 May 29, 2021


Already, it is warmer

than yesterday

and I hear the train

beyond the hummingbird

and well passed the hush

of windless leaves.

Clouds came early

and faded the rainbow

slipping through

the locked tight door.

They are gone

as the train is also

and the rainbow vanished

on this now

cloudless day.

Perfect tiny triangles

flutter at my feet

forward but not fast,

they call to me,

as slowly as the tree grows,

they say

or you shall miss it.

Miss what…

You’ll know it

when you move

as though time

stands still,

and It

lands upon

your open heart….


ellie894 May 7, 2021

the arc of a smile….

Within every scale,

a seed.

Within every seed,

a story.

Of, where colors come from

and the weaver who knits them

into a solitary hour.

Why tails love to swish

in the arc of a smile

and some noses

do far more

than just sniff,

from the time they’re a child.

How the earth first trembled

at the triumph of song.

When a star reaches its zenith,

and a journey

that’s been so long.

Who shed a tear yesterday,

and will laugh

with hope on the morrow.

What the evergreen sees

and the elephant knows…


ellie894 April 20, 2021

the giant…

I catch a phrase or two,

now and then

Dancing within the lovely light

Until they up and disappear

Absorbed into

the gently fading..

..shifting shadows

Perhaps, they are collecting

Like tiny creek pebbles

along the bottom

of a drifting stream

being washed so very clean

and being polished

for no reason, in particular

except… that they are worth it

Perhaps, they are swaying

Like red poppies

in a breezy painting

Remembered softly…

from a dream

of knowing something

known before,

near to the lemon daffodils

who cheer the winter garden

beyond the soulful four

Perhaps, they are kept safe

Like buried treasure

Under the sturdy foot

Of a silent giant

Steadfast and


At rest, in his monumental task

Of protecting

Very small

Very important things

And so,

Here, I wait

Here, I wonder

If I was to sit very still

Without a word spoken

Without an utterance

Of any consequence

Spilled out and over

Upon the wind swept leafy floor

Do you think,

He might kindly let me hear them


One time more…


ellie894 March 22, 2021

The foot of the silent giant

with a nod and a wink…

With a nod and a wink

I so often think

I will simply

Wander the way

But then, wonder

Comes along

Soft as a whisper

Sweet as a song

And, takes me by the hand

Before I know what’s what

I’m wondering

As I’m wandering


More than walking

Until I find

A whole long day

Has come and gone

Quite nicely

Made beautiful

By the lovely touch

…of wonder…


ellie894 April 3, 2020

swirly and messy…

How very much I love brown too

The messiness and swirlyness of it

The color that comes first

…before the green

Brown holds everything together

So that the growing can grow


ellie894 February 7, 2020

shadow to the left…

There’s a shadow to the left
Because of it, 
I cannot be sure of 
The tree or its trunk
I can only be sure of
The branches and its fingertips
As I see them
Reaching forth to touch the air
But, I trust it is there
Even though the shadow
Doesn’t  let me see it
Am I trusting…
In the softness of the shadow
Or in the strength of the tree
Or is it even more than that
Is it something that’s at home in me
ellie894 January 26, 2020

softly falling…

It has been raining, raining 
All the day long
Since before daylight
Dripping from the eaves
Racing down the window panes
Harmonic and melodic
Keeping me sleepy
..and rather lost
I went to town
For this and that
..and hurried back to home again
Now nestled in a cozy spot
Near the window 
Listening to the lovely rain
Tapping its gentle lullaby
Softly softly falling 
As so too am I….

ellie894 January 22, 2020

through the gate…

Through the gate
I make my way
The moon peeks
in a sideways smile
Inviting me to climb high
Among the bare branches
Where the owl who’s 
The wings of the dove flutter
And the last light of day,
can still be seen
The fullest moments,
are so often empty
Of leaves, of light, of busy
I savor this emptiness
I wrap it up
Tuck it in my pocket
To carry with me
Wherever I may go…

ellie894 January 1, 2020