hearts will skip…

One day…

We’ll put it altogether 
You and me
And sweetly bound
We’ll tuck it in
To a hidden space 
In a tiny corner 
Filled with grace 
To be discovered 
Long after we are passed
In faded letters
It shall declare 
Itself to be
Notes of you and me
Hearts will skip
In loving wonder
At who we were
And where we might be
In some very tender
And the way 
Of souls 
In timeless time
How I was yours
And you
…my love 
Forever mine…

ellie894 November 4, 2019

before now…

Before now
There was then..
Before once
There was never..
Before everything 
There was nothing..
Before the end 
There was a beginning..
Before all of these
There was love
And, love…
…was always…

ellie894 November 1, 2019

be safe my love…

Go forth on thy quest

Unto the distant shore

And slay well the dragon

Of ancient guarded lore

But…please be safe my love

Until the time

That thou returneth to me

For once and evermore


ellie894 August 20, 2019

the tale of a tail…

If I were to tell you

The tale of a tail

Where might I begin…


In the ocean

So deep and wide

The mystery of a mermaid

In shimmers does she hide

Or the journey of a whale

In currents does he ride


In the forests

So soft and serene

The fluff of a doe

Her grace is nearly unseen

Or the wisps of a faery

Dancing light on a wing


In the night

So magic yet true

The feathers of an owl

Asking me who

The dreams of a star

Answering… you…


ellie894 July 20, 2019

I count the notes…

I count the notes in every song

the stars in every dream

I count the sands on every shore

more than it would even seem


I count the pebbles on every path

the steps of every day

I count the colors in every sky

the winds that ever play


I count the petals on every flower

the blossoms on every stem

I count the leaves of all the trees

and I wonder then


How can I ever count the hours

and the many moments too

the ones I dearly love

that give my heart to you….


ellie894 June 4, 2019

lost and found…

I lose time

When I think of you

Don’t know

Which way to go

Or even what to do

I am adrift

In a shadowy entanglement

That steals my words

Leaving me


and at the mercy

Of your lovely

lost and found…


ellie894 May 18, 2019

a rustle in the leaves…

At dusk I leave the pond and pier behind me,

the peace… I take that with me.

…into the woods I wander

it is too cold for frogs to chirp,

too late for birds to sing,

just right for coyotes though.

The yip of them

is as a street lamp

on a hot July night

sputtering to full

reminding me to go home.


that warm place deep inside.

I keep it with me

wherever I may roam

as you are always there…

and you do so ease my spirit.

Pine straw is silent

while footsteps are loud

when there is nothing else

to compete with them…

how music inspires my soul,

and beckons to me

to dance my way

through the faery wood.

Beyond it then…

the meadow softly lays me down to rest.

To one side of me are rolling grasses

and an abundance of tiny yellow flowers.

Only a few days ago

there were none at all.

Now, there is more lemon than lime.

To the other side of me stands a fortress of trees.

There is where you found me.

I say, you found me

and not the other way round

because, I’m quite certain

you saw me first.

If you had not moved at all

I never would have known

You were even there.

But, you made such a nice choice

to softly rustle in the leaves.

I am here…

you shyly whispered.

Would you care to…

join me.

you gazed so lovingly

as did I…

how touched I am

that you let me into your quiet world,

into your beating heart,

how humbled I am

that you didn’t scamper away

at the presence of me

instead, inviting me to stay.

I didn’t take a photograph.

I didn’t need to.

the moment is a postcard

in my heart

a time

a place

faded handwriting

…all my love…wish you were here….


ellie894 March 31, 2019

the love note…

Have you ever come across a thought…

You already knew it

The thought itself

Somehow though, this time

There is more to it.

It is bigger than it was before

Or smaller perhaps,

Small enough to be a twinkle in your eye,

I’m not certain really.

Whatever it is,

This thought, it is part of you now.

Rather surprising,

As you’ve known

For so long.

But, there it is anyhow,

Reaching for you in a shining new way.

Like a love note…

You arrive

At the same tucked away place

The one you always journey to,

And there it waits

Small and unnoticed

Until you come along

The only who it was meant for…

Folded so carefully

And written by hand

How your heart races

With the opening…

and the wondering…

Whatever will be within…

How you take your time

With every precious word

Each one, a treasure.

And when you reach the end,

The tender sign off

Sends you a flutter and a flying…

You clutch the thoughts

Fast to yourself

And close your eyes

That such a love could ever be so

You breathe it deeply in

The vast and beautiful dream

And then….

You read it over again

And over again…

So that it makes a home in you.

Your whole world

And beyond it…

Even to the distant gazing moon,

Sighs with gentle knowing

All that it already knew…

all my love always

….from me…to dearest you…


ellie894 March 16, 2019

empty shoeboxes…

I wasn’t going to write today

I didn’t really have anything much to offer

But my thoughts began to flutter and to fly

So, I spread my wings to follow after them

Do you know,

which is my very favoritest part?

I’ll give you just a hint or two or three

I love the empty shoebox covered over

With construction paper hearts

Ones with jagged edges

Because scissors are such a new thing to learn

I love the white glue that keeps it all together

And the sparkle from a generous dusting of glitter

I love a single flower

Tenderly picked by hand

And given with warmest thoughts

I love the tiny valentine

Placed into the empty box

By trembling fingers with a beating heart

I do not love the waiting

But finally, the sweet moment arrives

To peek inside, to seek, to find

The only one I really hoped would be there

I love your writing, just for me…

One simple question

A few small words,

“Will you be mine?”

I love to search the busy room,

The world keeps racing past

With indecision and unknowing

Except for you and me…

I love to catch your gazing eye

To softly smile and gently nod

My heart’s most secretest confession

I love the way I can almost hear you then,

Let out a whispered sigh



ellie894 February 14, 2019