knock knock…

By the time I reach here
It’s all over
The knock knock shells
Have all slipped away 
Two to the left
Three to the right
Without even asking 
Who’s there
While one little straggler
Waits it out 
Remains in sight
But somewhere 
In the middle of my steps 
He falls away too
Into the great mirrored deep 
That is his whole wide world
And, I can only be part of it
When I am long and fast asleep 

ellie894 February 3, 2020

a love song…

I often think to begin by saying

It is silent

But, I listen

And, I hear

The wings of a cardinal coming to land

The call of an owl softly from far away

A fish breaks the surface

In a splash that ripples…

A turtle drops off the fallen tree

In a plunk that echoes…

The planks of the pier creak under my step

The dry leaves crunch under my boot

Two doves whistle on the move

Two pines knock on the breeze

And I cannot in good conscience

Begin with the words

It is silent

Silence is made by man

Trying to forget

That he’s part of a beautiful world

A world that is never truly silent

A world that is always singing a love song

To all who take the time to listen…


ellie894 January 16, 2020

on and on…

The world is going quiet

As night is drawing near
Two ducks upon the wing
An owl whose who is clear
The moon sits high
Above the shadowed trees
The doves fly low
Among the fading leaves 
On and on
Below it all
On and on
As darkness comes to call
On and on
Plays the song 
On and on 
All night long…

ellie894 November 2, 2019

tangerine lily…

The sky is so white today

It’s everywhere

And makes everything

So quiet

And still

There’s a poem in me


But I can’t quite gather it

Into words that make sense

I’ll leave it be

Until it does


I’ll make a wish for you

May tangerine dreams

Warm your heart

May the petals of this day

Open gently before you

May a smile find you

So you can give it away

And may you have time

To feel the peace

Of a quiet white sky day

And to know the tangerine lily

Who will always bloom therein …


ellie894 October 29, 2019


I am sleepy

Even though I slept

Even though I dreamed..

Now here before me

Above is at peace with below

If I breathe very deeply

Can I take this tranquility with me

Wherever I may go…


ellie894 August 17, 2019

mama Tillie…

Never you fear…

Before I begin

I give you my utmost promise

That there will be a happy end

Simply because

Here I am

All in one piece

Writing this…

Ms Tillie Raccoon sort of wobbles

Straight passed

Towards the west

Where the water waits

It’s her way of distracting me

From her four funny children

Who play at hide and seek

Up, down and around

This barky circular tree

I smile at their games

And keep quietly on

As I have no wish

To be robustly greeted

On this fine morning

By protective Mama Tillie


ellie894 July 25, 2019

p.s. two are peeking, two are hidden…four altogether…make that five with mama

zippety zing…

When I tell you

That I think of you

Does it put

A hitch in your giddy up

A zip in your zing

A note in your song

A hum in your kazoo

I hope that it does


To hear it from you

Gives me

That sweet feeling too…


ellie894 July 11, 2019

Sorry the picture isn’t better. My bunny friends bounce lickety split and I have to catch them as best I can 😊


What awakened me in the night

I cannot tell

A song

Or a knowing

Perhaps a mystical spell

I lay quietly for a while

And listened

I read a touch of words

And listened

I left the inside

In favor of the outside

And the lullaby of the porch swing

I needn’t close my eyes to find the darkness

It was starless all about me

And I listened

As the wind whipped overhead

Now and then it fled the treetops

To swirl as gently as fingers through my untidy hair

I tried so very much

To think of nothing much

Especially not of the daylight

And all that awaited me therein

But, I was rather helpless to escape

The loveliest notions…

Gratefully back to my downy comfort I tiptoed

In knowing

That the gusty air would soon deliver cold rain

And, so it did

Tiny drops

Letting go

Seeking solace far below

Creating halos around halos

Reaching only for a moment

To touch one another

Before they disappear


ellie894 February 7, 2019