does the sun smile…

thistle loving sunrise

From so far away

I see a softened leaning

A thistle out of place

is coming close

to unfolding.

It has chosen

a perfect spot

to watch the sunrise.

How many sunrises

will it see

before it is transformed

once more.

And will it love

each one of them

in turn.


the grace

in brevity.

Or is it really

the sunrise

that anxiously awaits

..the thistle…

Does the sun smile

upon each nodding notion,

even unto the sleeping breath

that awakens…

becoming me and you….


ellie894 April 5, 2021

the thought…

… only yesterday

I had a thought

But, there was

too much much

To hear it

So it set out

And went looking

for a quieter place

To while away

the lonesome hours

Until a someone

might happen along

with a pen

to write it down.

Today, is windy..

If only it were stronger

East to North longer

It could easily pick me up

And carry me so far away

Then, perhaps…


I could be the someone

Who happened along


But, now with time

enough, to pause

And write the thought

That went hiding

Beyond nowhere

…only yesterday…


ellie894 April 3, 2021

I keep on trying…

It was the very essence of spring today.  

The greens are fresh this time of year. 

They’re dainty and gentle like musical notes played so carefully on a piano.

Practiced over and over until there’s a whole tree of them, a whole song of them.

A breeze came to move them about as well and dried the laundry for me too.  

Very kind of it to do so while it was nearby.

Sparrows in the elm and ladybird in the holly.

And at the lake a catfish, most likely a grandpa catfish.

He turned over the water at my offering of bread.

I think he was pleased.  

Or maybe he would have preferred another kind of snack. 

I’m not sure really.

I don’t speak catfish.  

But I keep on trying.

The sun fell in too many places to count

And stopped me to watch it glimmer every time

I love the line where it suddenly changes

Where the shadows let everything rest for a while

And a butterfly flutters through it as though it isn’t even there.

Because it isn’t really..

No door

Or window

Or fence

Or anything

That’s as it should be

And I’m grateful for it

and the rumble of grandpa catfish

..the musical note leaves

…warbles and dreams

… and more light than can ever be counted in a fresh spring day


ellie894 March 29, 2021


Laundry is a simple

complicated thing

I do it often

Washing away

Making clean


I was about my task

Gather and load

Settings and soap

As I always do

But when I

..looked again

There was this…

I don’t know

How it came to be


There it was

A touch of

Cobalt, navy, sapphire


Just a dash of loving blue

And it was enough


ellie894 February 7, 2021

some days …

Some days

The words







Polka dotted


All akimbo

Without a hand

To play

But, some days

They’re as warm

As sunset

Reaching ever far

Into the cold

untouched places

of nowhere

at the end

of a black tar road

that’s only

the beginning

of a long long night

holding gently

to a gone away day

And some days

they flutter

softly within reach

in kind invitation

To be at peace

..with your reflection


ellie894 February 5, 2021

wherever you are…

A fan like palm

A thin needle pine

One tree through your window

Another through mine

Each thrives in the sun

As they reach for the blue

I smile at your palm

For to me

…it’s so new

Beauty is wondrous

Wherever you are

Growing mere inches

Will always carry you far

Pull back the curtain

and open your eyes

Steady yourself

For a world of surprise

Infinite sand

By a glorious sea

Flowers abloom

Beneath any wise tree

Every step that you make

Every chance that you take

Holds a touch of paradise

Even the long hour

That you fear will not end

It’s precious too

Because it teaches what’s real

Shows you your strength

Is more than just steel

Keep right on walking

Keep laughing and talking

Life is an art

And In you is the magic

…that gives it its heart


ellie894 January 31, 2021

Many thanks to my nephew for the beautiful and inspiring photo of the palm tree taken along the Texas Gulf coast 🙂


Photograph October 2017

The rain falls heavy

Fast and quick

Turning the whole world

soft and gray

Inviting me to stay

Indoors for a time

pause and wait,

contemplate, for a while

That somewhere

An eternal rosy line creates

The delicate petals of a flower

And lips which boldly dare

to break the concrete silence

…and sing

And a heart

..and another

..beating in rhythm

pounding in rhyme

All along dancing

on the curves of the

rosy pink line…


ellie894 January 25, 2021


Once it was a Tuesday…

Not terrifying 

Or terrible 

Perhaps tantalizing

Maybe ticklish

A touch of topsy 

A tad of turvy 

But from beginning to end

Top to bottom

And everywhere in between

It was 

Totally Tuesday 



ellie894 January 19, 2021

Above is Mortimer, a wonderful once upon a time kitty.

the beckoning…

Whispering and wild

It stayed so near

Beckoning me…

To follow if you please

So I did

When we arrived

At the winsome waterside

I knew

More than I needed to walk

I needed to be still

So I thought,

I will

And the light danced

…across the water

And the beckoning

…played the tune

And one snowy

….white crane flew

And it was

….a veritable dream

The light upon the lake

The crane and me

And the wild wild wind

….who always knew


ellie894 January 16, 2021