today, I kept a pen…

Today, I kept a pen

and a tiny black book


I lost count

Of how often I stopped

To scribble away in it

At this and at that

Carefully gathering

…all the bits of stardust


From the dreams of night…


ellie894 March 5, 2020

it was near all along…

The sun rose this morning in spite of a dense fog. I couldn’t see it but I knew it was there, as it always is, the light beyond the clouds. It makes them into a soft milky stained glass.

Music charmed my soul as I placed pen to page gathering thoughts from elsewhere and making them real. No, that’s not quite right. They were already real. As real as anything. Before pen or page or even me.

A candle flame danced. A cup of hot tea warmed me through. I nibbled on a cookie, and another… I’ll not give away how many..

The minutes turned to hours and drifted from there to here. I did not see them go but I know they must have.

Time to go walking…so out the door and into the woods. The fish were happy for the crumbs I brought along. They ate in a hurry and lingered about my feet wondering if more nourishment would fall from the heavens. When it didn’t they sort of floated away. They can feel my footsteps on the pier. They know when I am near and trust their knowing.

The clouds stayed all the day until the very last touch of evening. Like sleepy eyes they half opened to let the rosy sun peek through before nightfall.

See…I knew it was near all along…


ellie894 December 26, 2019

to wonder and wander…

I thought it would be lovely 
To wonder and wander
As I ponder and pander
But as pander 
isn’t nearly as nice as wander
I suppose I shouldn’t after all
I mean 
They don’t even sound the same
Even though they really should 
Oh well..
Instead I shall 
Wonder and wander 
Ponder and ….
Leave pander alone
Perhaps something nicer
will come along 
And I can add it instead 
I was really hoping 
that it would all work out
But as it hasn’t 
I will simply 
Wonder and wander
With wild abandon
In a wonderfully wordy way

ellie894 December 9, 2019

the wings of tomorrow….

How very hard the world can be
Full of dark corners and jagged edges 
We make it even harder 
Trying to hold everything at once
Seeing all that is not
Swirling in limbo
Tied up in  knots
It needn’t be as tangled
As we make it…
Life unfolds
Only one day at a time 
A harmony of past, present, and future
This moment rests in others
That came before
And in turn will be the love
Of those yet to be
Tend well to this one
As it is the blue robin’s egg
In a nest woven of yesterdays 
And soon will become
The wings of tomorrow 
At home in  the dreamy heights 
Of a clear blue sky…

ellie894 December 4, 2019

hearts will skip…

One day…

We’ll put it altogether 
You and me
And sweetly bound
We’ll tuck it in
To a hidden space 
In a tiny corner 
Filled with grace 
To be discovered 
Long after we are passed
In faded letters
It shall declare 
Itself to be
Notes of you and me
Hearts will skip
In loving wonder
At who we were
And where we might be
In some very tender
And the way 
Of souls 
In timeless time
How I was yours
And you
…my love 
Forever mine…

ellie894 November 4, 2019

somewhere in between…

Here am I

Favorite little cup
Ready for morning tea
Not awake
Nor asleep
Pen full of ink
and empty parchment
Full of summer zinnia thoughts
and autumn sunset dreaming
Here am I
Last star of night
First ray of dawn
I am simply here
somewhere in between 

ellie894 October 19, 2019


Do you ever catch yourself

…not sleeping,

When you’d really like to be,

Last night I woke

And woke again,

How often my words repeat,

I guess life does that too,

Repeats itself,

…at three

I gave up,

Tiptoed out the door

And onto the porch,

I like the way

the wood feels soft

Under my bare feet,

Jack left the safety

Of being nearby

To venture farther into the darkness

Than I could see,

While waiting for him

On a slow swing

I looked ever so hard

But, couldn’t find a single star,

They were all burrowed

Under a quilt of clouds,

In time

I returned inside

To feather pillows

And soft covers

Snuggling myself

Better than a bear

Hoping to dream his way

through winter

Then, I lay there silently

In the hours before dawn

…not sleeping…


ellie894 August 31, 2019

mama Tillie…

Never you fear…

Before I begin

I give you my utmost promise

That there will be a happy end

Simply because

Here I am

All in one piece

Writing this…

Ms Tillie Raccoon sort of wobbles

Straight passed

Towards the west

Where the water waits

It’s her way of distracting me

From her four funny children

Who play at hide and seek

Up, down and around

This barky circular tree

I smile at their games

And keep quietly on

As I have no wish

To be robustly greeted

On this fine morning

By protective Mama Tillie


ellie894 July 25, 2019

p.s. two are peeking, two are hidden…four altogether…make that five with mama

memo to me…

Jot it down,

I thought.

And so,

I wrote a note to myself.

A single line

To remind me

Of something

That I hoped

Not to forget.


When I returned,

It delighted me

With a new…perhaps,

One that I hadn’t expected.


Had turned my lonely line

Into lovely treasure.

…memo to me…

make more notes…


ellie894 July 22, 2019