The wind sounds and resounds all through the wistful gusting night

Gathering the stars from their heavenly repose sending them special delivery

Blustering.. falling.. landing.. upon the cold hard earth

No matter how carefully I step, they crackle and crunch beneath me

Their brilliance ground to a fine dust..

So, winter begins its weary yawning and stretching forth in silent days

one beyond another…

There is a tender twinkle in the eye of it, time enough for the windswept stardust to settle,

to mix with rain and melt into the heart of the world, becoming something new.

As surely as Aurora bears the dawn, tiny stars are ever near

They nestle close in the barren places, eager to hear the dreams of the wild things,

Ones who journey long and know

of the embers glowing in Autumn’s Stardust

and feel their burning fire that warms your very soul


ellie894 November 19, 2020


leaf and me…

I knew an autumn leaf that hopped

‘Twas as happy as he could be

I asked him if he’d like to stay

and have a cup of tea

At that he sat

..and winked at me

So with a notion

of utter devotion

I poured

and he sipped

as there we were you see

Leaf and me and tea

As nice a party

as ever it could be …


ellie894 November 2, 2020

crisp october morning…

I love when a late October morning is crisp

and I can see my breath

..floating in the air

Faery homes glisten in the early fields

still sparkling

from their moonlit dancing

..of the night before

Mist rises




from the silence

of the pond

..as though it’s whispering a secret long held within

from the hot dry summertime


..letting go

The white crane stands triumphantly

He is a beacon beneath the crimson leaves

And there is a whole tree that will turn the color of sunshine soon

But, for now

..tiny star flowers are blooming in its tender shade

One cannot help but to think of time

at times like this…

I love when a late October morning is crisp

And time is of no consequence

when the sky is such a heavenly shade as this

the sort of blue that sings to the very heart of you

its soulful song of everyday

…of always


ellie894 October 30, 2020

the kite…

Once upon a darkness

the moon shone luminous bright

casting slivers of silver shadows

as long as the tail

of a flown away kite

Weaving and wending

its winsome way

among the silent

silhouettes…to stay

And that is how she came to be

as close

as ever she dared..

the maiden, shy

who rode the wild and windy midnight air…

beyond the days of

breezy cotton daffodils

and velvet softened lilies,

of freshest spring

and hot dry summer ..

until the far off time brushed near

and spicy autumn’s harvest song

rang strong and clear..

Over and again

the notes, they played

as never they had before..

Rock me slow, my love

to the hope of autumn’s score..

and we shall dance, in the stillness in between

the faded starry twilight

and the rolling hills

…of evermore


ellie894 October 2, 2020

it was of you…

Not so very long ago

I had a dream

It was of you

In a tender moment

Full of quiet

Unspoken thoughts

But.. I knew

As did you..

When I awakened

I was warm

With knowing

I wonder

Did you feel it too


ellie894 November 25, 2019



I wondered when I could today

Between the this and that

Even when the minutes raced

And carried me along

So much faster than they should

I saw the crystal blue

The sparkle in a hopeful eye

I heard the swish of yellows

The laughter in a quiet voice

I felt the brilliant red

The warmth of an oven baking bread

Although there wasn’t much

In the way of time

I did what I could

With what was given

And now I lay me down to dream

Of well beyond a thousand leaves

As pages in a life

Each one is so much more

Than the smallness that it seems


ellie894 November 23, 2019



to be…

An icy curl

A reddish whirl

Upon the grassy keep

I once gave shade

To two in love

I once held true

In a raging storm

I once was green

Fresh and new

Now I wear

The finest crystal

Now I’m colored

Deep as wine

Now I curve

In graceful repose

I will never be

A blushing rose

Once and now

Are both my time

To be me

The only thing

I was ever meant to be


ellie894 November 22, 2019

apple honey…

May your apples be crisp

Drizzled slowly with honey

May your bananas be a gift

Of a swinging sideways smile

May your oranges be tangy

Citrusly zingy and delightfully zany

May your plums hide sweetness

Beneath tart maroon skin

May your peaches be heavy

Laden with summer’s soft rain

May your heart be light

Knowing that you are always loved

Until we meet again…


ellie894 November 6, 2018

gossamer wings…

Listen closely as I softly tell

Of how I came to linger and to gaze

Within a charming midnight spell

Upon a lazy autumn afternoon

In the bliss of mild October days

And never once in the heat of June

How over the landed water

I rested

In an easy musical moment

Of what I believed to be stillness

Though, soon enough

A vast and countless number

Of the tiniest winged ones

Flew near to enchant me

All aglitter in the heart of the setting sun

Their hypnotic swirling dance hovered low

Yet high enough to save them

From the ravishing hunger

Waiting unseen and eagerly

Not very far below

Each and every gossamer wing

Fluttering in tender loving care

Choreographed in sweet precision

By who knows who

Residing in who knows where

So mystically…

Here is me

And near is lovely you

Over and again

On and on, in dreams they flew

However did they manage

Such a wondrous grace

Never shall I know

Their hidden faery secret place

Yet here I sit

With a hopeful smile

Each and every time

I magically think of it…


ellie894 October 30, 2018

music from the trees…

Before the ending

There was a beginning

Was it so very long ago

Or only yesterday

I am not certain

And not even sure that it matters

After all

When the moment of now

Comes quietly to call

Will you gently answer

Or let the moment fall

As music from the towering trees

Do you see the notes

One by one

Brilliant autumn leaves

Drifting by the faded evening sun

Their song comes to rest

In my open hand

as love spreads swiftly

Across hopeful heart and waiting land


ellie894 September 2018

I like autumn very much and took this photo last year. It will be a while yet before it’s autumn here.