long lost sun

Just when I was going to begin building an ark, the rain stopped and the sun began to shine. The words flutter and clutter so here am I to set them free. If I simply write without erase, will I return at another time and see mistakes. Things so out of place. Will I sigh and begin to fix them. Line breaks, misspellings and too many commas,,, or not nearly enough. But I am inclined to say there are far fewer things in this world that need fixing and far more that simply need to be loved.

So I will let them shine like the long lost sun. And instead I will marvel at the empire that rests atop the world, carry seed to a place where there isn’t any, shudder at the slither through the tall grass that reminds me why I wear boots… take cautious steps so as not to land on the baby hop toad, and listen….to the whisper of a wing upon the wind…


ellie894 May 27,2021

the moment…

I could write of ups and downs

Of shadow and light

Falling into deep sleep

And awakening once more

I could write of the warmth

Of the earth

And how the cold tries to drive it away

I could write of roots

Protected in unseen places

Of the melting

That frees in its unfreezing

I could write…


I could..

… fly…


ellie894 February 20, 2021

every where…

Do you count the steps

Do you count the stars

Or do you …

Feel the grass beneath your feet

The warmth of the sun upon your skin

Every moment there is a beauty

Every where there is a dream

Open your heart

As you open your wings

And let the beauty in…


ellie894 January 20, 2021

why shouldn’t it be so…

There isn’t any sound 

all the world is white
I barely see the trees
although I look and look
I slow  my pace and 
find a tiny nook
among the towering pines 
upon their softest straw
I’ll rest and watch 
as the mist 
..magically descends
It does you know 
It isn’t just pretend 
I hear a rustling in the leaves
whether squirrel or deer
I am not sure
and, I really needn’t know 
They will make their way
as I make mine
thoughtful of the steps 
mindful of the journey 
..wherever it may go
A thousand tiny homes
spread wide across the field 
It takes a soft and gentle time 
like this very one
to make them come full real
I catch my breath
..and hold it
waiting now to see
will the faery folk
come near to visit me
Perhaps I shall catch a glimpse 
of one returning to her door
or feel the wisp of a wing
brushing my cheek
as they fly in a morning dance
of one dance more
ere they hide away 
to sleep and to dream
of whatever faeries do dream of
..perhaps, of you and of me

ellie894 January 4, 2021

in the early morning hush…

In the early morning hush

The tops of the trees sway

As the dry creek bed winds

To parts unknown

And the dragonfly dashes ahead

In a playful game

Of catch me if you can

So I do try

Until the open spaces close

Into the heart of the woods

Down to the straight away

Where the mole has dug his nightly duty

And left his fluffy tunnel across the path

I follow the gentle turn

As the light peeks through

On the sprawling patch of peas

Lush and green

Such a delicate empire of beauty

Fuller than I’ve ever known it

And all it needed was

Time and fire

Rain and desire

To grow,

To be all it was meant to be…


This patch of butterfly pea has been sparse for years. But this spring it has grown and blossomed more beautifully than I’ve ever seen it before. And as I write this on the pier the wind blows strong and the white crane flies nearby.


ellie894 June 29, 2020

and the bees come buzzing….

Mimosa trees

Full of bees

I count to five

With my sweet

young friends

And the bees

Of our fingers

Come buzzing

And the giggles


Then we all shout


So of course

We do!

Tiny fists


Like hives

Counting to fives

Until fingers

Like bees

Come buzzing

And giggles begin


Sillies and rhymes

Pages and times

Dr Seuss ways

And unicorn days

May we read it again

Pretty please

With buzzing bees

And soft truffula trees

Now, how can I say no

To a honeyed request

Such as that…


ellie894 June 3, 2020

Happy Wednesday 🙂

may you…

May your dawn be gentle

May your twilight be kind

And, may you know

In the deepest part of yourself

The blessings and magic

Of all the smallest moments

…in between


ellie894 May 18, 2020

waving on the hilltop…

I’m never sure what this is,

…not really


Or not poetry

Some would say it is

Some would say not


I use the word, sometimes

Far too often


There I am

Letting go of

What might be

Or might not be


As sure as sand

On the shore

This is a thought

Following another

Until here I am

Landed on the windy hilltop

And stop

Of a sudden

To wave at the waving


Waving back at me

I take a picture

And jot a few lines

To make Van Gogh’s

Canvas treasure

Ever so real

Then I giggle

As they wiggle

In the south wind

They don’t need me

To make them real


It’s the other way round

And it’s me

That need them

To wave in the wind

Reminding me, that

I’m real too ….


ellie894 May 14, 2020