lovely lines

Lines of power and of cracked

pavement, horizoned railroad tracks,

assorted chimney stacks, avenues of moving

moving quick quick, fast,

gnarled and cattywompus

lines of saplings, grown into mighty

trees, straight arrow rays of

of a starry night gaze, and bending

wending blades of grasses, blowing

flowing gently sway, as graciously

as spaciously, as the graceful

land does lay, so

what would be the good,

of an ordinary day, without

any lovely lines

with which, to find your way…


ellie894 December 2, 2021


For the tree tunnels

And the birds who fly them

For the acorns

And the squirrels who treasure them

For the tails

And the puppers who wag them

For the words

And the writer who writes them

I am thankful…


ellie894 October 21, 2021


I love the way, the sky flies up

And the silhouettes lay to rest

The way my footsteps swoosh

Through the tall fall grass

And far above me zips

The playful squirrel,

from branch to branch

and leaves to leaves

The way he likes it best

Until the evening when he returns

Unto his cozy nest …


ellie894 October 14, 2021

In plain sight

At the edge of the drive

The lithe persimmon grows.

It bends all year

To find the sun.

Waiting for now,

When the tiny fruit

Which is mostly seed

Ripens and falls

So Abundantly!

I accidentally step on it

And my shoe slides a little

Across the skin of it.

When the day is hot

The scent carries all the way

To the back door.

It must go even further than here …

I know it’s so,

Because They gather from afar

To find a place

In the dappled shade

To feast

Before fluttering off

To hide nearby

In plain sight…


ellie894 October 12, 2021

softly I call


you go about


of one thing

or another

or maybe

of nothing much at all,


a tiny bit

of a something

catches your attention

and you stop

and you bend

not to retrieve it

but simply

to see it

and be near it…


ellie894 September 19, 2021

Not really

American Beautyberry

Out walking.

Only one here.

Except for..

The tall white crane

And the far away train

A dozen turtle noggins poppin

And a woodpecker squawkin

Magenta polka dots

Hidden in all the right spots

Spider up high

And, Miss Duck closer by.

When I arrived she was in the hand

Of the outstretched log

Peering into the watery deep

Face to face with more than I could see

But, with a hop and a snap

Just like that!

She jumped full feathered in

With a light quack for a good long swim

So, there I am.

The only one here….

But, not really…


ellie894 September 2, 2021

long lost sun

Just when I was going to begin building an ark, the rain stopped and the sun began to shine. The words flutter and clutter so here am I to set them free. If I simply write without erase, will I return at another time and see mistakes. Things so out of place. Will I sigh and begin to fix them. Line breaks, misspellings and too many commas,,, or not nearly enough. But I am inclined to say there are far fewer things in this world that need fixing and far more that simply need to be loved.

So I will let them shine like the long lost sun. And instead I will marvel at the empire that rests atop the world, carry seed to a place where there isn’t any, shudder at the slither through the tall grass that reminds me why I wear boots… take cautious steps so as not to land on the baby hop toad, and listen….to the whisper of a wing upon the wind…


ellie894 May 27,2021

the moment…

I could write of ups and downs

Of shadow and light

Falling into deep sleep

And awakening once more

I could write of the warmth

Of the earth

And how the cold tries to drive it away

I could write of roots

Protected in unseen places

Of the melting

That frees in its unfreezing

I could write…


I could..

… fly…


ellie894 February 20, 2021

every where…

Do you count the steps

Do you count the stars

Or do you …

Feel the grass beneath your feet

The warmth of the sun upon your skin

Every moment there is a beauty

Every where there is a dream

Open your heart

As you open your wings

And let the beauty in…


ellie894 January 20, 2021