happy thanksgiving….

All shall be well

And all shall be well

And all manner of things shall be well

Happy thanksgiving

Suzanne 💛🍂🧡🍁


Ellie, Jack, Huckleberry, Bo, Sonya, and Dobby

November 26, 2020

until night comes…

May you have lemonade and lotus blossoms 
Lazy luscious days
Listening to the lingering tune
Floating from here to there 
And all places in between
May your spirit know the melody
And so, set you to dancing
With the elephants and faery folk
Until night comes
And sleep comes 
And a dream comes
Bearing gifts 
Of sweet rest and starry eyed reflection
So that you may wake
To lemonade and lotus blossoms 
Again..upon the morrow

ellie894 February 1, 2020

if you…

If you are weary

May you find rest

If you are sad

May you find hope

If you are lost

May you find home

In all times

In all places

You are loved

No ifs

You simply are

May you always know


ellie894 November 27, 2019


There is stillness 
Just here
Just now
It is full
And it breathes
And yet, 
So many wings flutter 
In the not far away nearby,
I pause my careful steps,
I look and look 
But, I cannot see feathers
Nor birds
I listen and listen 
To their soft imaginings 
It seems as though they follow me
Telling me
Of lovely magical things…
I know out there
The world is racing against itself
Trying so hard to win …
Nothing that is really worth winning 
After all.
When my pace quickens
As it must when I am not here
I hope,
That this will all come with me,
That I may hold the peace
And the shelter
Of this graceful moment 
And make it visible to those who need it most

ellie894 November 11, 2019

moonlight sonata…

May the sun warm your spirit 

May the moon soothe your soul 
When day is done
And night is whole
May you know 
You are in my thoughts 
And in my heart 

ellie894 November 10, 2019

when night comes to call…

May your thoughts be light from dawn to dusk

And when night comes daringly to call

Let your dreams bear you ever closer to me

And never, my love….may your gentle heart fall…


ellie894 March 22, 2019