one wish…

There it is –

that age old question 

If you had one wish…. 


you cannot wish for more wishes. 

Jsut one

and that’s all there is to it. 

….. think and think… restless thinking… only one

How can I ever make a difference with only one

How can I wish for one bad thing not to happen 

When others simply take its place

Butterflies… I thought.

What if the magic

is in you 

All along

And the wishing is in your heart 

For something small and beautiful 

That will flower and fly 

And make ever so many more

Small and beautiful things

What if my wish is for a very small thing

And it is in my power to bring it true


..who will make more butterflies 

..who will help more flowers 

And people might see them 

And smile and feel content 

In their heart 

And trust that love will find a way 

And all shall be well


It only takes one wish 

For something as small 

As a butterfly …


ellie894 October 24, 2021


A painted lady came

yesterday to visit me

She perched

atop the swing as though

she was deep in thought

and waiting for her tea.

I don’t believe

I have a cup so small.

But, I will check to see…


ellie894 May 4, 2021

She flew before I could get a photo of her on the swing 🙂


In the great darkness of the morning there was thunder and lightning and rain. I very nearly gave in to the sounds of it and let myself drift back to sleep. No matter. It was destined to be a go nowhere and do nothing kind of day…all gray skies outside and all butterflies inside.

There was a poem about daily things written by a woman, nearly the same age as my dad. Her verses were good. I miss my dad.

There was a letter written by an author to a friend, a list of books she loved. And, I wondered once more at how I love to read about reading.

There was a painting that left me giggling a bit at how one person can be depicted in so many different places that he’s never ever been… and no, it’s not Where’s Waldo. 🙂

There was a favorite line by Rumer Godden. “It was the small things that helped, taken one by one and savored.” …. she’s right, you know. I paused just there to think of all the savoring to be done in a day…

The poet and the painter. Sunshine dispersing the clouds and the blue skies waiting to take their place. Wings set free today. Tiny curious noses that will also be on their way soon. So much hunger…needing to be fed.

The reading and the mingling of thought… a slow swing at the end of a meandering day…. and how it doesn’t take much to tie them altogether somehow…


ellie894 May 2, 2021

Miss Butterfly…

In the spring I plant morning glories. Heavenly blue is the name on the seed packet, and they certainly are all of that! I hope they will begin to flower in the summer. But, it is autumn when they reach their most beautiful.

Some years I get the seeds tucked away in the dirt nice and early. They have taken over whole fences at times! When I am not careful enough in my placement, they have taken over other plants with their exuberant tendrils. Not so good.

Some years, I am late and so are the flowers. This year was somewhere in between early and late. I planted the seeds and I waited. The vines curled upward. The delicate heart shaped leaves multiplied. I had hope.

I waited for the first sign of a flower in June. Nothing and nothing and nothing….

The days sort of melted and meandered. I lost track of their comings and goings.

Until I found myself in a gentle clear morning in October. However did it come to be October?! And Now December?! 31st no less?! I think Dobby and Jack must have done something to the calendar. Yes, that must be it.

Lately, a young buck in velvet is spending his dawn hours at the western edge of an eastern wood. Our silent paths cross often.

A doe and her fawn step gingerly to the lake as the cranes search for their breakfast.

Crossing and more crossing of paths.

And, the feathers! I have lost count of them. There has never been a feather season with so many gifts, of all shapes and sizes. A feather is a lot like a leaf. The one is as unique to the bird as the other is to the tree… as a wing is to a butterfly..

This year some of the wings have come as grounded things.

Once upon a time in early June…

…the caterpillars arrived by mail.

For a week they ate their weight in food and then some. They ate and ate….and ate. They grew and grew….and grew. They were very much like Eric Carle’s The Very Hungry Caterpillar. Clearly, he did his research!

One day the caterpillars climbed to the tippy top of their tiny home and each one made their very plump form into a jolly letter J. Within hours, the J that they were, had disappeared. Now, they were each closed up tight in a chrysalis of their own creation.

It didn’t look like much, this simple chrysalis. For a week there was nothing much to see or to do. Waiting. Lots of waiting. For me and for them, although I suspect they were doing far more important things with their solitary time than I was.

Then, one by one the chrysalides turned darker. It is when they have reached their most colorless moment that they unfold into the light….

…behold a butterfly…

Oh, what a miracle to see a butterfly unfold! Their wings are soft and crumpled at first, like a blanket fresh from the wash. Right away they instinctively climb upwards to a safe place. Then they wait some more. Their wings slowly straighten, dry out and become strong. It takes from a few minutes to a few hours as they ready themselves to be what they already are within.

They begin to play in a gentle flapping way that is not quite a flutter. That will come in due time.

Over the next three to four days the painted ladies were taken outdoors to be set free among the flowers. Hot days sent a few of them soaring into the sunshine. Some settled in the shade. Most of them flew away…

One remained….

The first time I tried to let her go, she fell from the flower and struggled to right herself. I reached gently all the way down to the pine straw. She grabbed hold of my finger and let me lift her up. She spread her wings and crawled up my arm to see what she could see from my shoulder. But, she did not fly away. She was definitely not ready to go yet.

After a few more tries on the days that followed, I realized that for whatever reason, she was unable to fly. She could flutter like crazy. And, she loved to curl her proboscis to eat and explore. But, there would be no flying for her.

So, I set out to make her as comfortable as I could. I gathered fresh flowers and leaves for her each morning and spritzed them lightly with water. I made her home at the heart of where I spend a great deal of time, the kitchen. How quickly we learned each other’s ways. I knew all of her favorites as she became a sweet part of June floating into July and on into August…

Gilda means messenger. That was her name. I also called her Miss Butterfly or even Miss B. She liked to be held, especially in the afternoons. She adored fresh watermelon to eat, and would “nod” her antennas at me in a cheerful hello of sorts. Seriously. She did.

She could flutter like the dickens although her wings couldn’t take her skyward. I would often reach in and place my finger nearby. Sometimes she would flutter with excitement. Sometimes she would pay me a never you mind and simply drift back to sleep.

Mostly, she would climb onto my waiting hand as though she simply wanted to be held for a while. So, I would. There we would sit, Miss B and me, quiet and still, with her at rest in my hand. She slowed me down in the most lovely of ways.

I offered her as many fruits as I could think of! Her absolute favorite was watermelon. And, so that’s what she and I settled on. Oh, how she loved watermelon! There was a brief stint with bananas. But, after she scared me something awful and got stuck in them….no more bananas.

Did you know that butterflies taste with their feet. I think that’s how she came to know me. She knew the taste of my skin. Perhaps she learned that she could trust me. Maybe.

At 9 weeks old, she moved more slowly each day. I wished that she could have flown but her gentle life was so full of light. She graced my days for three full months! That is a long life for a Painted Lady and I’m grateful for every moment of it that she shared with me.

I still miss her. Cutting her watermelon. Letting it come to room temperature. It startled her if it was too cold. Picking her up and placing her gently on the edges so she could taste that it was there. The simple joy of seeing her eat. The way her antenna would bob. And holding her for a time, just because…

Occasionally she tickled me with her tiny feet. Mostly my skin couldn’t feel her in my hand. My heart always felt her though. Love is like that I think.

So the hot dry summer days kept on.

With them I watched for the morning glories to form and blossom. Nothing. I had all but given up hope for them this season. I had resigned myself to the notion that the green heart shaped leaves would have to be enough this year. There would be other seasons, I told myself.

I thought forward to next spring, planning ahead and determined to get the seeds in the ground nice and early…

Then, in early October as I set out on a morning walk under misty skies, there she was…Heavenly Blue…her light shining from within as soulfully as Miss Butterfly.

I have written on this over and again. Now, here we are on the very last day of the year. It’s time…

This story took months to live and much wandering beneath trees to write. I don’t know why the morning glories didn’t bloom more this year. I don’t know why Miss Butterfly couldn’t fly and spent her life with me instead. I don’t know a lot of things about this year that is nearly over. I only know this – One can make all the difference…

A flower full of light….a butterfly full of hope….Love is like that I think…

May you be safe and well and may you have light and hope.

Suzanne 🦋


ellie894 December 31, 2020

perfect storm…

Hidden away in mystery

For so very long

Everything needed

Is within

Working and waiting

Behind closed doors


To emerge

Dressed in black

As a bolt of lightning

Wakes the mighty sea

Restless and wicked

Taking a sultry turn

Fire on the water

Begins to burn


In intensity

Flames rising as steam

A hurricane

Set free

Hear the rumbling

Of the hammer

Of the mighty Thor

Racing wildly

For the Texas shore


ellie894 July 4, 2020

I want to live in a world…

I want to live in a world

Where dinosaurs roam free

Beasts of ancient days

Rabbits hopping in the shade of them

Monkeys playfully on the tail of them


I want to live in a world

Where butterflies roam free

Twice the size of dinosaurs

Landing on the nose of them

Tickling through to the toes of them


I want to live in a world

Where dinosaurs dream free

Of whales not bound by ocean

Swimming the skies above them

Blowing bubbles to show they love them


I want to live in a world

Where butterflies dream free

Of you and of me

Whispering the stories of them

From the nose to the toes of them


ellie894 June 23, 2020

painted ladies…

Six am this very morning

In the gentle light

And quiet safety

Of my tiny kitchen

I watched

A butterfly

Open its new wings

To the new day…

May all be well

with you

In your own

new day

suzanne 🙂

June 12, 2020