Where did I leave that rhyme


Some days

I just can’t seem to think

Eyes wide open

There’s no time to blink

Perhaps a rhyme finds me

and so kindly

reminds me

It’s something

Not nothing

And how it would love

to come out to play

On this very

not thinking

or blinking

kind of day…


ellie894 December 4, 2021

Miss Kitty Cat’s

Day is well over

The long week is through

Miss Kitty Cat’s cauldron

Is bubbling with stew

Time for a nibble

And some dreamy sleep too

Then wake with the Punkin’

For an early morn,



ellie894 October 15, 2021

on a back porch swing…

I love when the wind is strong

And the wildflowers bloom

When the dragons dance

And the mockingbird sings

When the water is ruffled

And the tall trees sway

I love when a summer afternoon

…is lazy

And stretches like a calico cat

Under a back porch swing

Entreating me…

Iced tea in one hand

And nothing in the other

To stop for a time

And just be

A quiet part of this gentle way


ellie894 June 9, 2020

silly Saturday…

No matter how I try
I simply can’t decide
So I shall offer you
One of each
And therein
We shall abide
Miss Fred has a notion 
To visit the ocean
Has invited me 
To come along too
If she would only
Hop in the car
Like a green hop toad
Purr along the winding road
Then off we’d go
A cat and her girl
Top down 
Wind through our crown
Taking away the worries
As we drift towards the scent 
Of the salty sea air
Into a day 
Ever so gentle 
Ever so fair
So, there you are
A silly 
A simple
A cat 
And her girl, that’s me
Wishing You….

A silly simple caturday Saturday 

ellie894 February 22, 2020

boys in the band…

If I was Peter Piper

I’d prefer pickles

If I was Terence Trumpeter

I’d prefer tickles

But as I’m me

And not them

Neither Piper

Nor Trumpeter

Only silly storyteller

I’ll enjoy

A few pickles

A few tickles

And a heaping bushel

Full with giggles


ellie894 July 29, 2019

Huckleberry and Mortimer…

My eyes are weary Mortimer


I was awake all night Mortimer


I was thinking


Of the vastness of the universe


And all the mysteries of life


I have so many questions Mortimer


What about you


Do you think about the big things


What do you think about Mortimer

Hmm, ice cream and fish mostly…and now if you’ll excuse me, Huckleberry, I’m off to nap. You’ve made me sleepy with all your talk of not sleeping and so much thinking…


Have a wonderful day all! Nap if you can and let the cosmos take care of itself for a few hours. Suzanne ❤️

the plan…

Mortimer is the man

The man with the plan



No way!

Mortimer has no plan

Unless it’s to

Eat and sleep

Sleep and eat

And then

when it’s after four

He’ll simply

Sleep and eat

Eat and sleep

Some more


Now that I think of it

Mortimer is the man

The man with the plan


ellie894 March 2018

Miss Fred…

Heron and calico

One real and one not

Windows and light

All delight me a lot

Did you know

You encourage my poetry

A thought a day

A chit

And a chat

Time spent with Miss Fred

The small tiny cat

Now what my friend

Do you think about that…


Written and photographed by Ellie894 February 2018