lightbulb idea….

I’ve only just had

A lightbulb idea

First, I pause to wonder

Why do they call them that

Couldn’t they be a sunshine idea


But, they don’t call them that

Not even Snoopy does

It’s a lightbulb idea

For certain

So let’s pull back the curtain

To a land of adventure

Waiting to be discovered


Helicopters whirling

Below the clouds

Airplane humming

Right out loud

So far below

Is where the smiles

Walk to and fro

After they park their cars

And step off their trams

Under the stars

With a moo and a meow

A friendly bunny

And a gentle lamb

All friends of Santa

Listening well for his

Ho ho ho

Above the footstep drums

Of the great gray elephant

As off… we… go…



ellie894 March 4, 2021

Chalk drawings courtesy of the children of California 🙂


Once it was a Tuesday…

Not terrifying 

Or terrible 

Perhaps tantalizing

Maybe ticklish

A touch of topsy 

A tad of turvy 

But from beginning to end

Top to bottom

And everywhere in between

It was 

Totally Tuesday 



ellie894 January 19, 2021

Above is Mortimer, a wonderful once upon a time kitty.


There must have been a tree

Whose branches went clear

To the ground

With saint augustine so thick

And so plush, that little knees

Could kneel, and little hands

Could feel, the bounty

Of little things, breathing

Teeming, with life

Seeming, an Alice adventure

To one so pinafored and braided

Complete with hand patty’d cake

And Ginger for tea

As the peacock flew near

Landed, without any fear

Plumed and magical sights to see

In the soft reverie of many an age ago

Of a teal lime ebony aquamarine

Porcelain cups and all

Backyard menagerie


ellie894 January 17, 2021

Note – photograph taken by my dad in our backyard, 1969

leaf and me…

I knew an autumn leaf that hopped

‘Twas as happy as he could be

I asked him if he’d like to stay

and have a cup of tea

At that he sat

..and winked at me

So with a notion

of utter devotion

I poured

and he sipped

as there we were you see

Leaf and me and tea

As nice a party

as ever it could be …


ellie894 November 2, 2020


With a lashed blue eye

I do spy

a basketful of daydreams

spilled out

onto the waiting floor

Maracas and drumsticks

haphazard as they can be

But, where oh where

are the green tambourines

Never you mind

where they are

Says he

Just sing along with me

I’m the little blue dude

with a one two three

who decides the tune

and sets the mood

Beneath the not night sunshine

blurred by heat

and softened by time

Carefully watching over

the daydreams

from the basketful spilled

And I won’t take a dime

for they are free

Free for the dreaming

Free for the sharing

A one

And a two

And a three

Come along now

and sing

a maraca drumming

basketful of dreaming

melody with me


ellie894 September 6, 2020

Thank you to my dear friend Forrest for sharing the cheerful and inspiring children’s art from the sidewalks of California.

and the bees come buzzing….

Mimosa trees

Full of bees

I count to five

With my sweet

young friends

And the bees

Of our fingers

Come buzzing

And the giggles


Then we all shout


So of course

We do!

Tiny fists


Like hives

Counting to fives

Until fingers

Like bees

Come buzzing

And giggles begin


Sillies and rhymes

Pages and times

Dr Seuss ways

And unicorn days

May we read it again

Pretty please

With buzzing bees

And soft truffula trees

Now, how can I say no

To a honeyed request

Such as that…


ellie894 June 3, 2020

Happy Wednesday 🙂

the best currency…

It rained last night

Nevertheless, I’m off to town
With a silly smile
To sit right down
And open the book
And turn the page
For my smallest friends
The tiny ones who like to giggle
And get lost in stories of pretend
I shall get paid
But not in the manner that you think
Dollars are of no use here
Instead it will be in the very best way 
That they know how
It’s hugs, you know
The currency that never fails
It cannot be lost or stolen
As the more you give
The more you have
Isn’t it lovely 
To fill your days 
With things that aren’t worth saving
But better off given away…

suzanne ❤️

ellie894 October 15, 2019


In a time

Sooner than you can imagine

You will be

a comfort and a beauty

Not because of anything you do

Only because

You’re you


You already are…


ellie894 August 7,2019