antler season…

Ten seasons now.

Since before I began reading to the preschoolers,

I have been donning reindeer antlers.

As soon as the season allows, I go in search of the treasure box that keeps them safe all year.

I unwrap them from their tissue.

And I make certain they’re easy to find and put on as I leave the house, for one thing or another.

At this time of year they’re more important than my keys.

It’s quite impossible to be grumpy when you have bells on your head.

Just saying.

Everyone sees them and me a little differently.

Some people find me obviously ridiculous.

Others get a wonderful twinkle in their eye as they ponder how best to approach me and what they might say.

Which reindeer are you..

How is Rudolph these days..

Some will wink and tell me of the Christmas gift they had hoped for, still alive in their heart no matter their age.

And so many more besides…

Sometimes I even forget they’re up there.

Until someone reminds me.

One who is heavy with life walking wearily with their eyes set upon the ground.

Antlers catch their attention and their smile beams through as warm as sunshine on a misty day.

For a moment it seems they forget all of the rest.

For a moment, maybe life is just a little brighter than it was before.

And of course there are the children!

They always notice before parents do.

They tug and whisper – mommy, look, there’s a reindeer… as though they’ve happened upon a bit of secret treasure.

You can see the sparkle in their eyes!

For a moment I am a really really honest to goodness Real Reindeer!

To them –

I take long walks in the snow with Santa.

The North Pole is my home.

On Christmas Eve I fly through midnight skies around the whole wide world…

Each year there comes a day when I wrap up my antlers safe in their tissue.

I place them back in their box to await next season.

But, the tender moments and the smiles and the pure joy that is shared with me because of them… I keep those things in my heart,

All year long…


ellie894 December 10, 2020


No matter who you are

No matter how much or how little you have

Everyone has something to give

A word of kindness,

A cookie,

A smile

Happy Feast of Saint Nicholas!

May you know joy in giving…

Suzanne ❤️

December 6, 2020

the nativity tray…

Legend tells us

To go forth into the darkness

On the night of the nativity

Bearing great gifts

For those who have lost their way

And more shall be returned to you

Than will fill the heavens


ellie894 December 25, 2019

The Christmas Eve Nativity Tray

my sleepy heart…

On this,

The longest night of the year, my love

I lay me down to rest

Upon the downy pillow

Near the evergreen tree

To inspire my dreams

With the sparkle of all that is true

With the gift of all that is you

How I love the way he kindly invites

Nighttime stars to come and play

Within his tender boughs

How I love the way the sky, deep and dark

Relinquishes them for a time

So they can bestow loving wishes

Upon my sleepy heart

While silently I wait for slumber to overtake me

Beneath a window open wide

So the moon may find me

Through bare branches and glass panes

It searches

As it softly falls

And graces me with gentle light

Away I slowly drift

Wondering as I do

Where will it shimmer when I awaken next

And will my dream come one day true…


ellie894 December 22, 2108

silver and gold

silver and gold…sings a man made of snow…bright red and green…blooms with all I don’t know…magic and stardust…sprinkle the ground…they float through the air…now and then to be found…dance with me close…dance with me slow…beneath the tree of my Christmas…all alight…all aglow…

gingerbread dog

Santa Claus is coming…feel it in the air… ellie dances the sandy path…without a single care…one foot, two foot, three foot, four…it’s reindeer and rooftops that she hopes for… a bone for me…beneath the tree…a doll for you…a train or two…treasure in stockings…gifts wrapped up tight…the brightest ones hide…within the light…to love and to cherish…with all your might…

listening to Santa Claus is Coming to Town

Thank you to Ms Smith’s 4th grade writers for your guiding inspiration. Keep writing ❤️