my little lelephant…

Ellie Bear

I had just begun to write about how she was sleeping.

Not dreaming of chasing.

Maybe of gentle wildflower places.

I tiptoed in to check her, my Ellie girl.

To put my hand upon her and feel her breath slow and easing, both to me and to her.

Satisfied, I returned to the kitchen and set about to write of her…

Then she came tapping down the hallway, stopping just there to steady herself.

And, I smiled for the seeing of her.

I Put away my writing for a time so as to fix her morning nosh.

Now, I sit on the edge of the porch and she on the earth at my feet, eating al fresco.

The doves sing overhead.

Dobby and Jack keep watch over all things.

Bo waits for her to finish, hoping she will leave a bit for him.

She deserves every bite of goodness and blue skies the world has to offer…for all that she has given me.


I call her My Ellie Girl,

Lellie Bellie Bear,

Ellie Bear,

My little Lelephant…

When my sweet companions would all go with me to the field and forest,

I would open wide the gate

..and they would fall in line,

An exuberant line,

behind me, one two three four five…

Me makes five.

All my little Lelephants, with Miss Ellie Bear in the lead and setting the tone.

She always but always has kept everyone in line.

I’m not sure if that makes me, Mama Tembo or her:)

But, here is our song….

the one that lines us up

sends us on grand adventures over hill and dale

or just down the long hallway for a nap…

and always helps us to find each other when one has lost their way….

Almost to the lake


ellie894 April 13, 2021

Baby Elephant Song, Henry Mancini

Ellie woke early…


Ellie woke early

Which woke Dobby

Which woke Jack

And would have woken Bo

If he hadn’t been snoring in back

So, at half past three

There was half asleep me

I let out a faint wail

When I was hit by a jubilant tail

Twice I did blink

It’s Tuesday, I think

But, I couldn’t be sure

Until later at half past four

Now, my sweet pups

Have left me quite woken up

As they themselves

Like sleepy elves

Go drifting and dreaming

While morning is gleaming

If only I can make it

To the next half past three

The yawning may begin

Just you wait and see


ellie894 April 6, 2021



Miss Fred


Spend a lot of time


and waiting

… preparing

for the moment


they’re needed

the very most of all


ellie894 December 8, 2020

lazy paws…

I whispered a touch of lazy

before the dawn

unto the playful moon

It winked and whispered

back to me

So it shall be..

….all the way from now

…….until the heights of noon


ellie894 November 30, 2020

happy thanksgiving….

All shall be well

And all shall be well

And all manner of things shall be well

Happy thanksgiving

Suzanne 💛🍂🧡🍁


Ellie, Jack, Huckleberry, Bo, Sonya, and Dobby

November 26, 2020


There are to dos in this world

always needing to be done

Your days will be brighter,

your tomorrows lighter,

if within them

you can find the fun…


ellie894 November 3, 2020

fiercesome foursome….

Jack j juice box, always at the ready

To launch a well maneuvered attack

The heady steady playful kind

Where there is no taking of it back

Dobby do, not to be left behind

Doesn’t doesn’t miss a step

Joins the fun, adding plenty of pep

The excitement of the paws and pupper sort

Then there’s Bobolicious

His sneakers laced for good clean sport

Mischievous and suspicious

Of the wheels on the road

Turning turning stopping

Outside the window glass

He leaves nothing nothing

Ignored to drive on passed

Last but not least Miss Ellie

Her strength is well composed

My gentle lelephant prepared

Waiting in calm repose

The delivery man need not

Ring the bell

Nor need I, anyone to tell

Me, that something is amiss

As the fiercesome foursome

Bark on in a state

Of unadulterated bliss

About the prize awarded

So unceremoniously to the threshold

Of the cheerful red, locked up tight

…front door

To the utter and complete astonishment

Of my barking barking four


ellie894 August 10, 2020

To all those who brace the wild to make deliveries, thank you from the fiercesome foursome. 🙂

if I had a penny….

If I had a penny

For every time

I think of you

They would fill

A wishing well

Or maybe

Even two

And, as the well

Filled up with pennies

There wouldn’t be any room

For the wishes, anymore

So, then they would fly

Into the twilight sky

And find their way

….to you…


ellie894 June 11, 2020

jack j juice box…

A magenta pink

Sends me to think

Of a nice happy wink

Perhaps, a Dr Seuss day

Is just the right way

To bring a little smile

That will last a long while

So, on go my socks

Now to find, my sweet,

Jack j juice box



ellie894 April 27, 2020