why shouldn’t it be so…

There isn’t any sound 

all the world is white
I barely see the trees
although I look and look
I slow  my pace and 
find a tiny nook
among the towering pines 
upon their softest straw
I’ll rest and watch 
as the mist 
..magically descends
It does you know 
It isn’t just pretend 
I hear a rustling in the leaves
whether squirrel or deer
I am not sure
and, I really needn’t know 
They will make their way
as I make mine
thoughtful of the steps 
mindful of the journey 
..wherever it may go
A thousand tiny homes
spread wide across the field 
It takes a soft and gentle time 
like this very one
to make them come full real
I catch my breath
..and hold it
waiting now to see
will the faery folk
come near to visit me
Perhaps I shall catch a glimpse 
of one returning to her door
or feel the wisp of a wing
brushing my cheek
as they fly in a morning dance
of one dance more
ere they hide away 
to sleep and to dream
of whatever faeries do dream of
..perhaps, of you and of me

ellie894 January 4, 2021

I want to live in a world…

I want to live in a world

Where dinosaurs roam free

Beasts of ancient days

Rabbits hopping in the shade of them

Monkeys playfully on the tail of them


I want to live in a world

Where butterflies roam free

Twice the size of dinosaurs

Landing on the nose of them

Tickling through to the toes of them


I want to live in a world

Where dinosaurs dream free

Of whales not bound by ocean

Swimming the skies above them

Blowing bubbles to show they love them


I want to live in a world

Where butterflies dream free

Of you and of me

Whispering the stories of them

From the nose to the toes of them


ellie894 June 23, 2020

half a moon….

Half a moon

and twice a dozen stars

shine through the open window

of my sleepy room

bringing the hope

of dreams

in which I shall linger soon

so now I lay me down

and close my eyes

to seek and find them

at rest on silver beams

falling through the night

falling through the glass…


for me…

ever near

and I am not far behind…


ellie894 June 1, 2020

Photo taken December 2017

a night’s tales…

I nearly rocked myself to sleep

With the swaying of the swing

But I could not bear

To leave and go inside

As the night lowered

So gently

All round me

Darkness without yet a moon

Fireflies dancing from

Out of the heart of the woods

And I wonder

Are they stars come to visit

Or are the stars, fireflies

Making the heavens, home

My eyes are heavy

The swing slows

And, the owl beckons me

To listen…

As the enchanted breeze

Begins to blow

I see so little here

Yet my heart is full

With the knowing

Of the night’s tales

Feathered who’s

Sparkling nows

Magical anywhere’s

Why’s and how’s

As on the swing

my dreams I keep

And nearly

Rock myself, away to sleep…


ellie894 April 8, 2020

storied pages…

Downy pillows,
Fluffy blankets,
And a tiny lamp,
Tucked under 
The big bay window
Overlooking the cedar tree
And her moonflower children
A cozy magical place 
To begin a worded journey
To anywhere 
That a heart may wish to go 
I set off at once
Eager to visit parts unknown 
With pages of adventure
Some overflowing 
Others empty and waiting,
for me,
Darkness descended
Beyond the glass
As stars appeared one by one
My eyes grew heavy 
I drifted into sleep
For a time, uncertain 
Of the minutes or the hours
That passed uncounted
When next I peeked 
The moon was peeking 
Back at me
From the branches of the cedar 
Casting soft shadows 
On the grasses
Where the rabbits play
And the faeries dwell,
In a half dreamy trance
I saw the sparkle of a wing
And the flutter of a dance
Then as I settled back 
To turn the storied pages of sleep
I thought, how lovely a thing
To open one’s heart to chance

ellie894 December 8, 2019

it was of you…

Not so very long ago

I had a dream

It was of you

In a tender moment

Full of quiet

Unspoken thoughts

But.. I knew

As did you..

When I awakened

I was warm

With knowing

I wonder

Did you feel it too


ellie894 November 25, 2019


I am sleepy

Even though I slept

Even though I dreamed..

Now here before me

Above is at peace with below

If I breathe very deeply

Can I take this tranquility with me

Wherever I may go…


ellie894 August 17, 2019

in the wee hours….

Jack was restless in the night

The full moon cast many shadows

Keeping him on alert

And me with him

It’s not always such a bad thing

To be awake

when the world Is sleeping around you

Thoughts so easily merge with dreams then

When I was a little girl

Who ventured courageously to slumber parties

I never slept!

I was the only one

Who kept a whole night’s vigil

What if…

Something magical was to happen

I wouldn’t want to miss it

After all

I could sleep tomorrow

At home

Last night, Jack’s guardianship of the premises

Invited me to join him

For some moonlight magic

I curled up in the swing


….to rustling in the woods


….the light softly dance in the breeze

And for a time

…my thoughts and dreams

Drifted in and out of one another

I am tired this morning

But my heart is at ease

Something lovely was surely nearby

In the wee hours

As I swayed beneath the silvery moon

And after all

I can sleep later…


ellie894 July 17, 2019

here I am…

Thunderstorms crash often

On spring nights

They carry lightening

In their back pocket

To hurl at the earth on a silly whim

Waking me

With their hearty laughter.

Texas storms are strong

I guess I never realized how much

Until I had a friend

Who wasn’t from here

And the storms frightened them

Something terrible.

While me…

I am electrified…and tingled all through!

Quietly I lay and listen

Soon enough it passes.

Darkness closes in around me


The lightening becomes

No more than a firefly

The thunder,

No more than a heavy sigh

I am left

With feathered pillows and misty thoughts

It is hard to sleep then

When lovely thoughts keep me so awake

So it is that a poem begins to form

Lines and letters to take shape

But, I have no pen

…and no paper

To write them down

Arriving at a thunderous impasse

Is delightful….or delicious…

Better here


Delicious, I think

And I move on

Only to come

To another wordy dilemma,

Endearing…or enticing…

This time I will leave my dear reader to guess….

It makes me sleepy

To wander over so many words

The poem goes unfinished

As I drift off…

…in midline….

…..and dream it all away….

When I awake sometime later

I only have a few fuzzy images

Of cozy covered porches

A gentle swing

Bare feet on soft wooden floors

And rain falling on a tin roof

Now here I am

On a soft and lazy spring day…


ellie894 March 25, 2019

when night comes to call…

May your thoughts be light from dawn to dusk

And when night comes daringly to call

Let your dreams bear you ever closer to me

And never, my love….may your gentle heart fall…


ellie894 March 22, 2019