news flash….

In case you didn’t know…

Ducks love cheezits


Tuck this bite away

You just never can tell

When it might be

The tidbit that saves

The day and the duck


Have a super Saturday!

Suzanne ❤️

April 4, 2020

monday, not so early…

It’s Monday morning 
But no longer early 
The clouds are tender white
Laced in gentle blue 
I love when they fill the sky
They soften..everything 
I counted four ducks
Whistling on the wing
I love when they do 
As much as I love 
When they arrive
After a long summer away
A touch of rain Is starting 
It plays in circles on the pond
I love when it does 
Even though it means for me
That it’s time to go
I watched the deer again 
I see them often now
I love it when I do
Their strength and graceful silence 
Makes me think of you 
I guess by now you know 
That I love that too…

ellie894 October 14, 2019

on a hot afternoon…

On a hot afternoon in spring

The water cools my toes

As sunny perch

Come playfully

To see what’s new…

While the frogs

With a hop

And a splash

Quickly disappear

From view…

High overhead

Ducks pass by

Wings whistling

As they go…


Close within sight

A school of minnows

Swim in unison

Back and forth

Forth and back

Hypnotically, just so…

See with love

As well as your eyes

Be quite still

And in your heart

you shall know…


ellie894 May 22, 2019

don’t stare!

Don’t stare at him, Dobby

I’m not staring at him Jack

Shhh…he can hear you, Dobby

I am shhhhhing, Jack

He’s a sneaky one that duck is

So, what do we do now Jack

I don’t know Dobby…I just don’t know…


Written and photographed by Ellie894 February 2018