monday, not so early…

It’s Monday morning 
But no longer early 
The clouds are tender white
Laced in gentle blue 
I love when they fill the sky
They soften..everything 
I counted four ducks
Whistling on the wing
I love when they do 
As much as I love 
When they arrive
After a long summer away
A touch of rain Is starting 
It plays in circles on the pond
I love when it does 
Even though it means for me
That it’s time to go
I watched the deer again 
I see them often now
I love it when I do
Their strength and graceful silence 
Makes me think of you 
I guess by now you know 
That I love that too…

ellie894 October 14, 2019

a lovely quiet…

a lovely quiet

fills the air

and with it, me as well

two deer move silently

but not fearfully

through the trees nearby

as the turtles slip away

at the sound of my steps

and a bird begins

somewhere to sing

perchance to me

the woods are quite soft

this morning

as comforting and gentle

as the touch of your hand


ellie894 August 2, 2019

the sweet moment…

Most days

I walk down into the woods

Most days

I don’t look back into the field

Some days

I turn to see where I’ve come from

This day

I’m grateful

To know the sweet moment

Where the light softens

The path becomes clear

Love holds me

And my heart is at ease once more…


ellie894 July 31, 2019

mama Tillie…

Never you fear…

Before I begin

I give you my utmost promise

That there will be a happy end

Simply because

Here I am

All in one piece

Writing this…

Ms Tillie Raccoon sort of wobbles

Straight passed

Towards the west

Where the water waits

It’s her way of distracting me

From her four funny children

Who play at hide and seek

Up, down and around

This barky circular tree

I smile at their games

And keep quietly on

As I have no wish

To be robustly greeted

On this fine morning

By protective Mama Tillie


ellie894 July 25, 2019

p.s. two are peeking, two are hidden…four altogether…make that five with mama

a word lands…

a single word lands

a whole world opens

a dozen thoughts follow

I search them slowly

while time is forgotten

to find the light

coming from the one

which is my own


ellie894 April 11, 2019

a rustle in the leaves…

At dusk I leave the pond and pier behind me,

the peace… I take that with me.

…into the woods I wander

it is too cold for frogs to chirp,

too late for birds to sing,

just right for coyotes though.

The yip of them

is as a street lamp

on a hot July night

sputtering to full

reminding me to go home.


that warm place deep inside.

I keep it with me

wherever I may roam

as you are always there…

and you do so ease my spirit.

Pine straw is silent

while footsteps are loud

when there is nothing else

to compete with them…

how music inspires my soul,

and beckons to me

to dance my way

through the faery wood.

Beyond it then…

the meadow softly lays me down to rest.

To one side of me are rolling grasses

and an abundance of tiny yellow flowers.

Only a few days ago

there were none at all.

Now, there is more lemon than lime.

To the other side of me stands a fortress of trees.

There is where you found me.

I say, you found me

and not the other way round

because, I’m quite certain

you saw me first.

If you had not moved at all

I never would have known

You were even there.

But, you made such a nice choice

to softly rustle in the leaves.

I am here…

you shyly whispered.

Would you care to…

join me.

you gazed so lovingly

as did I…

how touched I am

that you let me into your quiet world,

into your beating heart,

how humbled I am

that you didn’t scamper away

at the presence of me

instead, inviting me to stay.

I didn’t take a photograph.

I didn’t need to.

the moment is a postcard

in my heart

a time

a place

faded handwriting

…all my love…wish you were here….


ellie894 March 31, 2019

when night comes to call…

May your thoughts be light from dawn to dusk

And when night comes daringly to call

Let your dreams bear you ever closer to me

And never, my love….may your gentle heart fall…


ellie894 March 22, 2019

five poems landed in my heart…

Five poems landed in my heart

This very morning

Underneath the bluest Texas sky

Not one of them was the missing verse

Of “taken in”…

I cannot tell you why

Although they laughed and cried

And softly sighed

And I am much the better for the listening…

The words I searched the hardest for

Did not come flying through my open door

I suppose they soon will find me

And when they do

Tenderly will I hold them

Never to scold them

For asking me to wait

Rather, I shall treasure

Each sweet and longing letter

Before I pass them along

With a kiss and a song

to you,

my dear and cherished love…


ellie894 August 24, 2018