the moment…

I could write of ups and downs

Of shadow and light

Falling into deep sleep

And awakening once more

I could write of the warmth

Of the earth

And how the cold tries to drive it away

I could write of roots

Protected in unseen places

Of the melting

That frees in its unfreezing

I could write…


I could..

… fly…


ellie894 February 20, 2021

every where…

Do you count the steps

Do you count the stars

Or do you …

Feel the grass beneath your feet

The warmth of the sun upon your skin

Every moment there is a beauty

Every where there is a dream

Open your heart

As you open your wings

And let the beauty in…


ellie894 January 20, 2021

over the kumquats…

At least a dozen years ago I was asked a question

over the kumquats

by a stranger.

It stopped me in my tracks.

At first, I wasn’t quite sure what she meant by it.

Soon enough it came clear and I smiled.

It was a very simple question,

or so I thought at the time.

Now and then her question returns to my mind.

And, so it did this morning.

I found myself thinking of all the lovely possibilities of it.

She was looking for one right answer, yes.

But, there are so many many more..

The play of numbers, the petals of a flower,

rain, whether it’s falling or simply trying to,

music that becomes a part of you, silence too,

and breathing…. just to name a few…

A few of what?

It doesn’t matter really, what her question was to me.

I imagine that somewhere along your own way

over the last dozen years or so

that someone has asked you a question.

Perhaps they even asked you over the kumquats.

One that remains on in your heart

and reminds you now and then

to ask yourself what the answer is….

Just maybe, there are more sweet answers

than you will ever know..

Just maybe, the important thing is to keep wondering

over the question…


ellie894 December 2, 2020

happy thanksgiving….

All shall be well

And all shall be well

And all manner of things shall be well

Happy thanksgiving

Suzanne 💛🍂🧡🍁


Ellie, Jack, Huckleberry, Bo, Sonya, and Dobby

November 26, 2020

the same steps…

The same steps

Following the same path

Taken the same each day


There are more dragons

Fluttering about

A flower that wasn’t

Open before

The moon still

and half awake

Wispy clouds

Unmoved by breezes

The steps may be

Everyday the same


The subtle changes

Keeping time with them

Never fails to enchant me



ellie894 July 11, 2020

I stepped out the door…

I stepped out the door

To see what I could see

There was a…

And a…

Yes indeed,

One of those too

Can you guess

What was what

And what was not

As I wandered wandered

Not so far from home

Oh how I love to wonder

The travels of my thoughts

As my feet give way and roam


ellie894 July 9, 2020

as a lake…

I love the way the breeze is soft and the trees grow

And the way the rain fills the creek

And runs all the way to the sea

I love the way the lake listens

To the very heart of me


ellie894 July 8, 2020

caterpillar’s day…

Good day,

Says caterpillar

There is no telling

What I will become

Before this life is over

Before this day is done

I’ve had my fill of leaves

Wandered wide and far

Among grasshoppers

And, in danger

From feisty feathered thieves

Now this branch is withered

Now my time is nigh

To rest my weary heart

And weave my blessed bed

The world about me slows

Until it comes full stop

I don’t know if or when

My breath draws in

Or if it truly drops

Like a shadow creeping

Misty and unceasing

I’ve done all I can

And all I ever could

As caterpillar me

Now I lay me down to rest

And someday when I awaken

To the flowers

And to the sky

Perhaps then

I will know the answers

To the questions

Of when and where and why


ellie894 July 7, 2020

minkey monkey…

Minkey monkey Monday

That’s today!


Minkey is like a monkey

Only with an i

Monkey is like a minkey

Only with an o


Or maybe I don’t know..

Can’t be sure really

As I’ve seen a monkey

But never seen a minkey

So I wouldn’t know the difference

I don’t believe either live in the woods

Maybe they do..

Maybe they don’t

One or the other

Or both


It’s light out now

So, I’ll go look

And let you know

If I see one

Or the other

A minkey or a monkey

Or both..

Maybe I will

Maybe I won’t….


Happy minkey monkey Monday

To You!


ellie894 July 6, 2020