the same steps…

The same steps

Following the same path

Taken the same each day


There are more dragons

Fluttering about

A flower that wasn’t

Open before

The moon still

and half awake

Wispy clouds

Unmoved by breezes

The steps may be

Everyday the same


The subtle changes

Keeping time with them

Never fails to enchant me



ellie894 July 11, 2020

little tree…

Once there was a little leaf
Who came from a little seed
He grew and grew
But he was still a very very little tree
No bigger than this was he
Along came a caterpillar 
Little Tree invited him to stay
The other trees told him that he was very foolish
That the caterpillar would surely eat all of his leaves 
And there would be nothing left of him
But, Little Tree liked the way caterpillar’s feet tickled his branches
And caterpillar didn’t eat all that much anyway 
The little tree grew and grew 
Along came a robin red breast
Little Tree invited her to stay
The other trees told him that he was very foolish
That he was not strong enough yet to hold a nest and a whole family of robins
But, he liked the way she sang such lovely songs to him 
And a nest full of babies wasn’t so heavy anyway
The little tree grew and grew
Along came a squirrel 
Little Tree invited him to stay
The other trees told him he was very foolish 
That his branches would surely break as the squirrel raced along them pretending to be a great circus star
But, he liked the way the squirrel made him laugh
And scurrying wasn’t so hard on his branches anyway
The little tree grew and grew
Day after day
Winter to spring to summer to fall
Each year he grew a little stronger
Each year his branches reached a little higher into the sky
Each year his roots traveled a little deeper into the earth
Until one day 
He wasn’t so little anymore
He was the biggest tree in the whole faery wood
Caterpillars tickled his trunk and ate his leaves
And turned into fluttering butterflies 
In the shelter of him
Birds of every feather and hue created nests in his hollow places
And raised families 
And sang to him of the sky
Squirrels raced along his branches 
And dared each other to scurry faster 
And the little tree laughed at their adventures 
Rabbits came to burrow in the safety of his roots
Deer came to rest in his protective shade
Bugs and birds and animals 
Of every shape and size and color came from far and wide
To make Little Tree their home..
Once there was a little leaf
Who came from a little seed
Who knew a little secret..
…a little love
Will always, but, always
Make a heart into a home…

ellie894 January 6, 2020

to wonder and wander…

I thought it would be lovely 
To wonder and wander
As I ponder and pander
But as pander 
isn’t nearly as nice as wander
I suppose I shouldn’t after all
I mean 
They don’t even sound the same
Even though they really should 
Oh well..
Instead I shall 
Wonder and wander 
Ponder and ….
Leave pander alone
Perhaps something nicer
will come along 
And I can add it instead 
I was really hoping 
that it would all work out
But as it hasn’t 
I will simply 
Wonder and wander
With wild abandon
In a wonderfully wordy way

ellie894 December 9, 2019

hearts will skip…

One day…

We’ll put it altogether 
You and me
And sweetly bound
We’ll tuck it in
To a hidden space 
In a tiny corner 
Filled with grace 
To be discovered 
Long after we are passed
In faded letters
It shall declare 
Itself to be
Notes of you and me
Hearts will skip
In loving wonder
At who we were
And where we might be
In some very tender
And the way 
Of souls 
In timeless time
How I was yours
And you
…my love 
Forever mine…

ellie894 November 4, 2019

monday, not so early…

It’s Monday morning 
But no longer early 
The clouds are tender white
Laced in gentle blue 
I love when they fill the sky
They soften..everything 
I counted four ducks
Whistling on the wing
I love when they do 
As much as I love 
When they arrive
After a long summer away
A touch of rain Is starting 
It plays in circles on the pond
I love when it does 
Even though it means for me
That it’s time to go
I watched the deer again 
I see them often now
I love it when I do
Their strength and graceful silence 
Makes me think of you 
I guess by now you know 
That I love that too…

ellie894 October 14, 2019

as I set out…

As I set out this evening 

A poem I began to find
It often happens 
Just that way 
While listening  to Fields of Gold
And I, with them do sway
But, no matter how
I turned the words
Round and round 
And round again
My thoughts 
Always came back 
To you…
Perhaps tomorrow 
I can spend 
A quiet hour 
Or even two
To pen them properly
But for now 
My eyes are heavy 
Sleep is falling fast
So, I humbly offer you only this
A tiny tidbit 
A note that you are missed..
Maybe, you shall see it
Written in the mighty sky
And see a glimmer of hope
To put a sparkle in your eye

ellie894 October 12, 2019


Do you ever catch yourself

…not sleeping,

When you’d really like to be,

Last night I woke

And woke again,

How often my words repeat,

I guess life does that too,

Repeats itself,

…at three

I gave up,

Tiptoed out the door

And onto the porch,

I like the way

the wood feels soft

Under my bare feet,

Jack left the safety

Of being nearby

To venture farther into the darkness

Than I could see,

While waiting for him

On a slow swing

I looked ever so hard

But, couldn’t find a single star,

They were all burrowed

Under a quilt of clouds,

In time

I returned inside

To feather pillows

And soft covers

Snuggling myself

Better than a bear

Hoping to dream his way

through winter

Then, I lay there silently

In the hours before dawn

…not sleeping…


ellie894 August 31, 2019


I am sleepy

Even though I slept

Even though I dreamed..

Now here before me

Above is at peace with below

If I breathe very deeply

Can I take this tranquility with me

Wherever I may go…


ellie894 August 17, 2019