In plain sight

At the edge of the drive

The lithe persimmon grows.

It bends all year

To find the sun.

Waiting for now,

When the tiny fruit

Which is mostly seed

Ripens and falls

So Abundantly!

I accidentally step on it

And my shoe slides a little

Across the skin of it.

When the day is hot

The scent carries all the way

To the back door.

It must go even further than here …

I know it’s so,

Because They gather from afar

To find a place

In the dappled shade

To feast

Before fluttering off

To hide nearby

In plain sight…


ellie894 October 12, 2021

as the rays of dawn

There was one

Then another

And yet another, still.

I am not certain,

If someone started on the inside

and drew outward.

Or if they started on the outside

and drew inward.

It doesn’t really matter which way it was created.

The important thing

Is that the goodness cannot be contained.

Hope spreads gently,

Yet, as insistently,

as the rays of dawn

through the emerald leaves of September.


ellie894 September 4, 2021


There are to dos in this world

always needing to be done

Your days will be brighter,

your tomorrows lighter,

if within them

you can find the fun…


ellie894 November 3, 2020

a night’s tales…

I nearly rocked myself to sleep

With the swaying of the swing

But I could not bear

To leave and go inside

As the night lowered

So gently

All round me

Darkness without yet a moon

Fireflies dancing from

Out of the heart of the woods

And I wonder

Are they stars come to visit

Or are the stars, fireflies

Making the heavens, home

My eyes are heavy

The swing slows

And, the owl beckons me

To listen…

As the enchanted breeze

Begins to blow

I see so little here

Yet my heart is full

With the knowing

Of the night’s tales

Feathered who’s

Sparkling nows

Magical anywhere’s

Why’s and how’s

As on the swing

my dreams I keep

And nearly

Rock myself, away to sleep…


ellie894 April 8, 2020

whoever said…

Whoever said that grasshoppers are green

Or that only in the grass they are to be seen

A tree is a grand throne from which time may pass

And the color of the sun will warmly last

He looks very well to me

And quite as happy as ever he could be


ellie894 September 8, 2019


I am sleepy

Even though I slept

Even though I dreamed..

Now here before me

Above is at peace with below

If I breathe very deeply

Can I take this tranquility with me

Wherever I may go…


ellie894 August 17, 2019

thanks and giving…

This day began before dawn under an endless starry sky

There is a deep silence then that eludes the ticking clock

A hushed world at peace with itself

I sense the dogs nearby more than I can see or hear them

Shadows of eternal love that are ever close to me

Among the tallest pines of the faery wood a bevy of doves

Flutter their sweet wings in well wishes to us

My thoughts are as soft as this moment

With invisible giving at rest in my soul

Time, as right now as it is endless

Kindness, as gentle as the morning frost

Laughter, as joyful as the whispering breeze

Friendship, as easing as the shade of a hot afternoon

Compassion, as healing as the deepest waters

Love, as brilliant as the setting sun

For all of these gifts so freely given to me without wrapping or bows

From heart to tender heart

I am ever so thankful…

May each of you have beauty and joy this day and always…

suzanne ❤️

November 22, 2018

dusty eyes…

Hotter than hot…

Then, the temperature dropped

Twenty degrees in twenty minutes

July became October before my dusty eyes

Clouds rolled steady from the north

Thunder rumbled from the south

As Zeus and Ares played

At knocking down the pins

Of mount Olympus

The sky opened up and let loose

Glorious summer Rain!

Welcome as the softest blanket

Covering everything in satin shimmer

We were caught and nowhere to go

But onward down the path

Under dripping forest leaves

Shall we go around again?

I asked my loyal companions

Soaking wet from nose to tails

Answered they, without delay

Yes indeed!

And added, please

So once again, we took a spin

In the lovely sky’s surprise

It washed me through

And I saw you

No more dusty eyes…


ellie894 July 2018