Enough Saturday

Enough Sunday

Let’s get to it now

Messy and magical

Meticulously marvelous



Let me help you get started,

I’m a professional, you know.

A veritable,

Manager of Mondays!


… yes, you are, Bo…

And with such sophistication,

So suave and debonair…


ellie894 October 11, 2021

news flash….

This just in…

A new scientific study has determined that a generous smattering of mud on a Monday morning is an indicator that all shall be well in the week ahead.

Dobby is a eager tester of this hypothesis.

Now there’s some science that I can enjoy!

Happy day to all! ❤️

March 4, 2019

just be…

On Monday I mostly manage miracles of the mundane…

Step lightly today and find a quiet place to just be for a moment…

suzanne ❤️


I do not care much for Monday…I would like it very much if it would go away and leave me alone…come back on Friday afternoon…and we’ll talk…

Dobby is the happiest dog you can imagine even when he looks at you like This!

Written and photographed by Ellie894 February 2018