lazy paws…

I whispered a touch of lazy

before the dawn

unto the playful moon

It winked and whispered

back to me

So it shall be..

….all the way from now

…….until the heights of noon


ellie894 November 30, 2020

happy halloween….

May you have more tricks than treats

Your cats meow

Your witches be sweet

May your Halloween be happy

Your skeletons glittery

Your letters so snappy

May your sunset be beautifully pink

Your darkness be wondrous

Your blue moon full with the gift of a wink…


ellie894 October 31, 2020

loop de loop…

I set out

On the morning

Loop de loop

Through trees

So tall

Through fields

So fair

To listen to

The latest, the

Scoop de scoop

To let go

Of every worldly care

I heard the train

Whistle far away

Set free upon the wind

And so was I

To imagine

A fire breathing


To sail the

Sky filled ocean


A feather

For your thoughts

I give…

No wait,

I’ll make it two

You know…

I saw a thousand things

Plus one

Out there

And to think

Just to think…

This magical



Has only just begun….


ellie894 August 3, 2020

full flower moon…


I wandered to the porch

at midnight

To take a drowsy peek

At the flower moon

Come full

It was so very bright

I couldn’t see,

the stars

That’s ok,

As I was there to gaze,

upon the moon, anyway

Now full

Of what, I am not sure

But, it eases me to know

It’s there

Floating through the sky

Keeping an eye

Over … everything

All it needs to Be

Is what it is…

soon, I found my way,

back to quilts and pillows

My soul now settled

With the knowing

My thoughts drifted, as the moon

Across the sky of you…



ellie894 May 7, 2020






under the misty moon…

Under the misty moon

I come to close the day

My eyes are heavy

With sleepy thoughts

My dreams

Begin to drift away

Goodnight to you

I whisper softly

Who… replies the owl

In his midnight call

Goodnight to you

I say again

Goodnight to one and all


ellie894 January 10, 2020


There is never enough time to get writing where you want it to be. So, it waits, until you come back round to it again.

The moon comes full this evening. How we do love circles. Endings without endings.

I did fine in math. But, what if it had been made really real for me.

If Mrs. H, had taken us outside and asked, How many hopes can a new moon hold. You’ll need geometry for that. What about stars. Can stardust be a substitute for sprinkles on cupcakes and if so, in what ratio. You’ll need math for that. How tall is your bestest tree and how many call it home.

How much love can one heart give…

Math can never answer that one. Hearts defy the laws of nature. Every time. Every where. Like the south wind at 13 this morning it caresses all and keeps on endlessly. Everything it touches is moved and changed by the sweetness of it. I love the way the wind comes for me in a breathing sort of way.

The birds are all singing now. Were they before. I don’t recall. But they are now. How many birds does it take to fill the sky. You’ll need math for that.

But, how much love can one heart give, If calculus has an equation for that I don’t want to know.

It is like the south wind and the hidden half of a rainbow, infinite and unimaginable.

How many books can you read to two year olds in an hour. Too many variables. It’s directly proportionate to how many pages in the book. How many words per page. And the willingness of said two year olds to pay attention. It’s a lot like love actually. There is no math equation that can ever answer it…


ellie894 January 9, 2020

a winter’s eve…

It is winter

The trees have let go their leaves

And the moon

Comes full in the night

Casting silver shadows

On the sturdy ground

It falls like stained glass mystery

As lovely as that in any church

But even more precious still

Because this needs not anyone

To be what it is meant to be

And I feel so very helpless

To gather it

For you

Photography is useless here

As there are only ebony silhouettes

Against the dark

And I have only words

To weave the tender light

The birds are sleeping

The deer have bedded down

The silence is soft

And there’s not a soul around …


ellie894 January 8, 2020

through the gate…

Through the gate
I make my way
The moon peeks
in a sideways smile
Inviting me to climb high
Among the bare branches
Where the owl who’s 
The wings of the dove flutter
And the last light of day,
can still be seen
The fullest moments,
are so often empty
Of leaves, of light, of busy
I savor this emptiness
I wrap it up
Tuck it in my pocket
To carry with me
Wherever I may go…

ellie894 January 1, 2020

storied pages…

Downy pillows,
Fluffy blankets,
And a tiny lamp,
Tucked under 
The big bay window
Overlooking the cedar tree
And her moonflower children
A cozy magical place 
To begin a worded journey
To anywhere 
That a heart may wish to go 
I set off at once
Eager to visit parts unknown 
With pages of adventure
Some overflowing 
Others empty and waiting,
for me,
Darkness descended
Beyond the glass
As stars appeared one by one
My eyes grew heavy 
I drifted into sleep
For a time, uncertain 
Of the minutes or the hours
That passed uncounted
When next I peeked 
The moon was peeking 
Back at me
From the branches of the cedar 
Casting soft shadows 
On the grasses
Where the rabbits play
And the faeries dwell,
In a half dreamy trance
I saw the sparkle of a wing
And the flutter of a dance
Then as I settled back 
To turn the storied pages of sleep
I thought, how lovely a thing
To open one’s heart to chance

ellie894 December 8, 2019