storied pages…

Downy pillows,
Fluffy blankets,
And a tiny lamp,
Tucked under 
The big bay window
Overlooking the cedar tree
And her moonflower children
A cozy magical place 
To begin a worded journey
To anywhere 
That a heart may wish to go 
I set off at once
Eager to visit parts unknown 
With pages of adventure
Some overflowing 
Others empty and waiting,
for me,
Darkness descended
Beyond the glass
As stars appeared one by one
My eyes grew heavy 
I drifted into sleep
For a time, uncertain 
Of the minutes or the hours
That passed uncounted
When next I peeked 
The moon was peeking 
Back at me
From the branches of the cedar 
Casting soft shadows 
On the grasses
Where the rabbits play
And the faeries dwell,
In a half dreamy trance
I saw the sparkle of a wing
And the flutter of a dance
Then as I settled back 
To turn the storied pages of sleep
I thought, how lovely a thing
To open one’s heart to chance

ellie894 December 8, 2019

where would we be…

If day never dawned

And the moon never came full

If the wind never blew

And the leaves never fell

If I never knew love

And you never did too

Then where would any of us be

Any you

Or any me…


Morning breaks

The bewitching spell of night

The silver moon comes full

Casting shadows softly bright

The wind whispers to the leaves

Let go and dance with me

And so it is as well


Any you

And any me

Are not bound

By the ifs of darkness

They do not hold us captive

For love…

..rides within the breeze

…sails the silver shadows

….and blushes with the dawn

Love goes on

And love goes on…


ellie894 December 6, 2019

moonlight sonata…

May the sun warm your spirit 

May the moon soothe your soul 
When day is done
And night is whole
May you know 
You are in my thoughts 
And in my heart 

ellie894 November 10, 2019

on and on…

The world is going quiet

As night is drawing near
Two ducks upon the wing
An owl whose who is clear
The moon sits high
Above the shadowed trees
The doves fly low
Among the fading leaves 
On and on
Below it all
On and on
As darkness comes to call
On and on
Plays the song 
On and on 
All night long…

ellie894 November 2, 2019

in the wee hours….

Jack was restless in the night

The full moon cast many shadows

Keeping him on alert

And me with him

It’s not always such a bad thing

To be awake

when the world Is sleeping around you

Thoughts so easily merge with dreams then

When I was a little girl

Who ventured courageously to slumber parties

I never slept!

I was the only one

Who kept a whole night’s vigil

What if…

Something magical was to happen

I wouldn’t want to miss it

After all

I could sleep tomorrow

At home

Last night, Jack’s guardianship of the premises

Invited me to join him

For some moonlight magic

I curled up in the swing


….to rustling in the woods


….the light softly dance in the breeze

And for a time

…my thoughts and dreams

Drifted in and out of one another

I am tired this morning

But my heart is at ease

Something lovely was surely nearby

In the wee hours

As I swayed beneath the silvery moon

And after all

I can sleep later…


ellie894 July 17, 2019

nowhere skies…

my racing heart beats

within your gazing eyes,

my breathless moments linger

within your longing sighs,

how close you are

yet so far,

how far

and, yet so here.

my whispers echo

within the restless night,

….kiss me once…

…and once again…

as though time itself,

may swiftly end.

will you,

draw up the anchor,

set the white linens free

let them catch the air

of a tender heartfelt breeze.

sail our dreamy ship

around a half full moon

in nowhere skies.

no need for wishes here,

at home,

amidst the fireflies.


ellie894 June 7, 2019

downy feather fell…

A bed of pine straw

Fresh on the ground

If one looks close

How much more can be found

Downy feather fell

And another too

Softly the hearts

A journey of two

Hold my hand

I’ll hum you a tune

Slowly we dance

To the sighs of the moon


ellie894 April 8, 2019

a playful smile…

A sliver of the moon

At rest amidst the branches of the sky

Or perhaps a playful smile

Turned on its loving side

Whether tis one or the other

My heart does ever know

Oh my…how it does know

My love must see it too

In this nightly heaven

Of silky darkened blue

Wherever he may be

Always is the light of me

And so to my cheek a gentle rosy flush

While I tarry long in the evening’s wooded hush


ellie894 December 12, 2018

completely herself…

The moon is coming full this morning

For a moment she will be a whole circle

Completely herself


I love the way we call moonlight, silver

I cannot see her though

Hidden beyond the clouds

I trust she’s there

A sweet gentle light falls everywhere

Telling me how very hard she’s trying

That makes me smile

Can you imagine

What it must look like up there

Above the clouds

All those sweet silvery beams

Shining and lighting up the tops of the white fluff

She doesn’t have time to fade

As she makes her way through the heavy darkness

All the way to ground

Up so high and protected she can rest

And be as bright as she’s meant to be

Silver upon white

Gracefully dancing

Somewhere up there

Unseen behind the flimsy curtain of clouds

Free to be her whole beautiful self

How lovely is that…


ellie894 October 24, 2018

I cannot see the moon this morning through the clouds. This photo was taken last November as she came full on my birthday.

one gentle moon…

One gentle moon

One dear sky

A dash of light

In the fading blue

Of the nightly bye and bye

The water is still

There is no breeze


She takes her place

In soft and restful ease

Evening unfolds

In starry shimmers

As late night whispers

Between fluttering leaves

Of who…who…who

Will love me…

So true…true…true…


ellie894 October 15, 2018