Trust, the silk will come

as it always does

Set about the task of weaving

its shiny iridescence

into a catcher

of light and dreams

Spin and spin again the record

that knows the heartful tunes

of twilight’s evensong

morning’s serenade

and the rolling lullaby…

that rocks the hottest noon


ellie894 September 7, 2020

with a nod and a wink…

With a nod and a wink

I so often think

I will simply

Wander the way

But then, wonder

Comes along

Soft as a whisper

Sweet as a song

And, takes me by the hand

Before I know what’s what

I’m wondering

As I’m wandering


More than walking

Until I find

A whole long day

Has come and gone

Quite nicely

Made beautiful

By the lovely touch

…of wonder…


ellie894 April 3, 2020

a slow waltz in the rain…


It’s been raining as of late

Sweet needful tears from the sky

Bestowing another kind of sunshine

The yellow rose of Texas

Is certainly a rose

Not a daffodil

But, roses aren’t blooming yet

And a slow waltz in the rain

Sounds divine

With a nod to soft gray skies

Through bashful eyes

The offer of a hand

As the step count begins

One…two, three

Corpus Christi…Seguine, and Abilene

Each and every, one horse town

…in between

Lovelady…Sweetwater, and Valentine

Say you’ll be mine…and…

Waltz across Texas with me…


ellie894 February 5, 2020

until night comes…

May you have lemonade and lotus blossoms 
Lazy luscious days
Listening to the lingering tune
Floating from here to there 
And all places in between
May your spirit know the melody
And so, set you to dancing
With the elephants and faery folk
Until night comes
And sleep comes 
And a dream comes
Bearing gifts 
Of sweet rest and starry eyed reflection
So that you may wake
To lemonade and lotus blossoms 
Again..upon the morrow

ellie894 February 1, 2020

the wind whistles…

There is nowhere

The wind doesn’t whistle

As it sails down the hillside

Then up into the pines

Gathering the birds

Lifting them higher

Than they’ve ever been before

And when they tire

The tree will be there


To hold them

So they may rest..

One day soon

The wind will whistle

Its sweet love song

And their wings will be ready

To open and touch the sky again…


ellie894 January 23, 2020

in the depths of nowhere…

In the depths of nowhere

Plays a love song
Listen as it softly swirls…
Believe… in the heart
That has its rhythm 
In the wild wind
That has its strength
In the searching 
Roots of the mighty oak
In the center 
Of who you are
There is 
Courage to grow
Joy to sing
Peace in knowing 
How much life and love are worth

ellie894 December 14, 2019

forgotten time…

Where does one begin

To care for the impossible

..with grace

However does one hold the pen

Just so

Let the ink take over

And do the thinking

Where does one begin

To tell the story

That always was

And is

And forever will be

How does one choose

A rhythm

Or a rhyme

For such as this

Yin and yang

Swirl softly

In a passionate embrace

Where one

Is so exquisitely in time

With another

There was a circle

There was a line

There were two colors

In the eternal land

Of forgotten time

Dancing through nothingness

To music

That could not even be imagined yet

They reached across

A great unknown

To find each other

The one they didn’t know

And yet had always known

And had always loved

Since time began

And long before even then…


ellie894 December 12, 2019

I cracked open a window…

I cracked open a window

To freshen up the room

I swept dust from every corner

With the help of my trusty broom

I moved some things from here

Placed them newly over there

I gathered much to give away

With someone else to share

I sighed in gentle knowing

You were with me all along

I had opened more than a window

And to my heart you played,

Love’s long awaited song


ellie894 May 19, 2019

downy feather fell…

A bed of pine straw

Fresh on the ground

If one looks close

How much more can be found

Downy feather fell

And another too

Softly the hearts

A journey of two

Hold my hand

I’ll hum you a tune

Slowly we dance

To the sighs of the moon


ellie894 April 8, 2019

oh, yes…

The wind was playful last evening

Catching wisps of my hair

And placing them where he liked them best

Kissing my cheeks

First one and then the other

With a soft chill that warmed me through

Whispering sweet nothings in my ear

That left my lips parted in just the hint of a knowing smile

I tucked my feet up under me

And sat as near to the edge of the dock as I could get

So as not to miss a single breath

I gathered the soft fleece close about me

Listening as the breeze unsettled the evening’s quiet

The delicious curves of it sweeping in from somewhere far away

Swirling in the hidden notes of a beloved song

A solitary blackbird struggled to stay on course high above the sturdy ground

I wonder if he enjoyed the thrill of riding such a grand yet invisible wave

Me, I got lost in the ruffled edges

Of the gentle disarray

As he offered me the strong assurance of his mighty hand

Inviting me to tiptoe beside him

Over tiny mountain peaks of dazzling light…

Waltz with me…

Oh, yes…

I silently replied with loving eyes

He held me near to his beating heart

And, so we danced

Well beyond both his world and mine

In a timeless enchantment

That I’ll not soon forget…


ellie894 February 24, 2019