i leave the windows…

I leave the windows

and the walls behind

to venture out

…and know the caress,

of the wind

…and feel the silence,

in the growing things


all my heart can hold,

to carry it

as far as far

so as to give to you…


ellie894 April 23, 2020

happy birthday…


I can do that…bread and butter pickles…Saturday afternoon monster movies…the only chocolate cake I’ve ever loved…let’s play like it’s done…just hold the carpet right there…spadiddle…pick up your feet…don’t look at him…it wasn’t me…we’ll carry the boat…country music…Tillie & AJ…Lake Charles…dancing…zydeco…getting the Christmas tree…making tamales…Kay…the fruit basket…you can never out give God…both…the one and only…I hope you knew…

Roy Clark and Jimmy Henley playing Orange Blossom Special


Love, suzanne ❤️

January 28, 2020



on he sails…

The blue heron flies

Back and forth

Over the water

His own reflection

Keeps him company

As he sails

North to south

South to west

West to east

East to north

On and on

Back and forth

It’s hypnotic to watch him

At his task

If I didn’t know better

I would think

He is not at all a blue heron

But instead, a great winged spider

Weaving a web

Of fantastic proportions

Spun silk of mystery and intrigue

Over the top of the pond

Trees along the banks

Are touch points

To hold his masterpiece

Firmly but gently in place

I wonder what he will catch

For now,

It seems he has caught a moment

And, me along with it…


ellie894 November 18, 2019

I have felt the wind…

I have laughed and wept 
I have apologized and expressed gratitude 
I have reached out and reached in
I have felt the wind against my cheek 
And the tenderness of souls who care
I have seen the butterfly float 
Over the water and to the south
Wondering of how out of place he is
Three times he came to me
And the wheel turns
Always bringing a new moment 
And taking the one away 
Whose time it is to go
I’m grateful for the weeping and the laughter 
For the wind and for the flutterby
Fluttering by
Again again again…

ellie894 November 17, 2019

the best currency…

It rained last night

Nevertheless, I’m off to town
With a silly smile
To sit right down
And open the book
And turn the page
For my smallest friends
The tiny ones who like to giggle
And get lost in stories of pretend
I shall get paid
But not in the manner that you think
Dollars are of no use here
Instead it will be in the very best way 
That they know how
It’s hugs, you know
The currency that never fails
It cannot be lost or stolen
As the more you give
The more you have
Isn’t it lovely 
To fill your days 
With things that aren’t worth saving
But better off given away…

suzanne ❤️

ellie894 October 15, 2019

the hungering soul…

This morning is one of those

When my heart is full of tender prose

Thoughts come faster than my pen

Before I can gather this one

Yet another comes flying in

And I wonder of the ones

That did not land

Are they waiting somewhere nigh

For me to come and find them

As November days drift by and by

Dreams of


And hope

Each one in their own turn

Showing me how to breathe once more

Begging me to learn

As day calls me to the kitchen

To warm hearth and body well

While soul of soul does hunger

As much as ever much

For the writer’s strong but gentle touch

Of words laid enchantingly just so

Reminding one

Of all that one

Might someday sweetly know

Of love…

And never letting go

So my pen has come to rest

As I guess that I suppose

The musing words that were meant for me

Did leave their watermark

Upon my fast and beating heart

That dreams are real

Love is love

And hope will always keep them so…


ellie894 November 12, 2018