Toad’s day…

Puttering and pattering

Looked down and found

A wonderful hop toad

Laying low

in his humble abode

He eyed me

And spied me

As I did him

With a wink and a whim

The tiniest pot he chose

From all the others

Of those

He’s big for it

And it’s small for him

But there he is anyway

On this comfy cozy December day

In the arms of the airplane plant

Propellors whirring

The air is stirring

And I wonder…

Who will punch his ticket

And where oh where

Will he go….


ellie894 December 7, 2021


If this was

the first minute

of the first hour

of the first day

I would say

I love you.

If this was

the last minute

of the last hour

of the last day

I would say

I love you.

It isn’t the first

or the last.

I believe,

I’ll say it



ellie894 December 6, 2021

Where did I leave that rhyme


Some days

I just can’t seem to think

Eyes wide open

There’s no time to blink

Perhaps a rhyme finds me

and so kindly

reminds me

It’s something

Not nothing

And how it would love

to come out to play

On this very

not thinking

or blinking

kind of day…


ellie894 December 4, 2021


It’s a dim

misty morning

ever since when,

but, the crow caws,


A golden leaf

so far from its

Sassafras home, so I

didn’t know

what it was,

at first.

The field is sleepy

and full of twilight

sounds, even though

it’s not at all evening time.

The grasshopper

clings to his

tall fennel tower, whiling

away, this quiet hour.

Egret flew, before

I came. Now

here am I, so late.

But, not really. Wherever

I am, is here.

Whenever, I am,

is now. Morning glory

winks as I go by, through

its greener than

green, twirling vine,

so daring a song, to bring

daytime along.


it sings,

is a never ever kind of thing….


ellie894 December 3, 2021

lovely lines

Lines of power and of cracked

pavement, horizoned railroad tracks,

assorted chimney stacks, avenues of moving

moving quick quick, fast,

gnarled and cattywompus

lines of saplings, grown into mighty

trees, straight arrow rays of

of a starry night gaze, and bending

wending blades of grasses, blowing

flowing gently sway, as graciously

as spaciously, as the graceful

land does lay, so

what would be the good,

of an ordinary day, without

any lovely lines

with which, to find your way…


ellie894 December 2, 2021



lose my

…footing …

on days like this,

when there are

endless reasons

to look up…:)


Have a beautiful day ☺️🦋


ellie894 November 30, 2021

With a sunset view…

It’s not often, that you find

the Wall Street Journal in

the woods. In fact,

never have before today.


there it lay. I’ll leave it be,

in case the raccoons

want to check their stock portfolios. And,

the birds haven’t finished

their crossword puzzle,

yet. An eagle flew,

a buck walked, the picnic table

sits empty, as do the chairs

gathered round about

the campfire, gone cold. oyster shells

are strewn far from the sea, their pearly white

showing and all cast aside

under the great loblolly trees.

The catfish feeder turned

wasp den was unhinged, pried up

and taken from its proud perch.

And the wasps along with it.

A teepee built from

fallen bric a brac, faces due west

with a lovely sunset view. And there’s no sign

out front for sale or rent.

It’s a long way….from Wall Street,

This quiet place far from nowhere

Take off your shoes and

Rest awhile…


ellie894 November 29, 2021

the quiet hour…


does this day call

to you, what one

tiny thing does it

ask, which do you

put first, and when

will rise the hope,

that will come to you

at last, do you see


the same, where

will you hear

the song, that carefully

holds your precious

name…Is the touch

of kindness, within

your gentle power, the time

is surely Now, this waiting

moment, this

quiet hour…


ellie894 November 28, 2021