whimsical wednesday….

It’s Wednesday!!

My thoughts are with

..the preschoolers

I should be ..

Reading soaring stories

Giggling at playful pictures

And singing silly songs like…

Baby shark…do do do do

So, in honor or the little ones

May you have

a whimsical Wednesday

and recall a favorite picture book

That set you on a course

To a lifelong love of reading…


ellie894 September 16, 2020


There is never enough time to get writing where you want it to be. So, it waits, until you come back round to it again.

The moon comes full this evening. How we do love circles. Endings without endings.

I did fine in math. But, what if it had been made really real for me.

If Mrs. H, had taken us outside and asked, How many hopes can a new moon hold. You’ll need geometry for that. What about stars. Can stardust be a substitute for sprinkles on cupcakes and if so, in what ratio. You’ll need math for that. How tall is your bestest tree and how many call it home.

How much love can one heart give…

Math can never answer that one. Hearts defy the laws of nature. Every time. Every where. Like the south wind at 13 this morning it caresses all and keeps on endlessly. Everything it touches is moved and changed by the sweetness of it. I love the way the wind comes for me in a breathing sort of way.

The birds are all singing now. Were they before. I don’t recall. But they are now. How many birds does it take to fill the sky. You’ll need math for that.

But, how much love can one heart give, If calculus has an equation for that I don’t want to know.

It is like the south wind and the hidden half of a rainbow, infinite and unimaginable.

How many books can you read to two year olds in an hour. Too many variables. It’s directly proportionate to how many pages in the book. How many words per page. And the willingness of said two year olds to pay attention. It’s a lot like love actually. There is no math equation that can ever answer it…


ellie894 January 9, 2020