When the wind blows cold

You’re the warmth of the sun

When the winter is long

You’re the breath of spring

When I am lost

You show me the way

Each and every little when

That is so very big to me

Is softened by the waves of you

When the sunrise meets the sea


ellie894 March 30, 2020

I promise…

It’s Wednesday, you know

I can absolutely feel

The whimsy in the air

I’m out in search of it now

And when I find it

I promise to share


ellie894 March 25, 2020

keeping on…

A time arrives, when I set out

And everything is greener

Than it was yesterday

It happens every year

And every year it surprises me,

I saw a copperhead,

A few feet on,

I saw another

Reminding me

..to watch my steps

More carefully

And I kept on…

I came upon two little turtles

Resting on a log

One fell left

The other right

I giggled

And I kept on

Clouds are so very lovely

Intense skies

I wonder what they see

Floating over the land

And over me

Keeping on…

I came to the water

To listen

And to hear

The breeze called to me

From the west

I smiled to myself


And I kept on…


ellie894 March 24, 2020

shadow to the left…

There’s a shadow to the left
Because of it, 
I cannot be sure of 
The tree or its trunk
I can only be sure of
The branches and its fingertips
As I see them
Reaching forth to touch the air
But, I trust it is there
Even though the shadow
Doesn’t  let me see it
Am I trusting…
In the softness of the shadow
Or in the strength of the tree
Or is it even more than that
Is it something that’s at home in me
ellie894 January 26, 2020


Lay quietly

In the night’s darkened deep

Feel it hold you 
But, not in sleep 
The land lowers, 
Lifts and curves
Tucks in and away
From the busy notions
Of a too busy world
So to break free
In a gentle romantic turn
Of whispered breezes
Laced with yes pleases
I pause and tilt my head 
In a shy smile
At how the wind entices me
With playful fingers 
That sweep hopefully 
at my runaway wisps
And then lean in close 
For a never to be forgotten kiss

ellie894 December 18, 2019

tell me a story…

An October once

Now chilly November days

Patiently wait

For you to write the story

Have you a tale to tell

If you do

And I know that you do

Then tell me well

Of the scent that haunts

His nightly thoughts

Of the honeyed taste

Upon her blushing lips

Make me feel your heart race

When the wild bird sings

And to know the sky

As only a blind man can

No one writes

The way that you do

Tell me a story


Before November is through


ellie894 November 26, 2019

yes, please…

..and for dessert…
………..I’m thinking of ……
….fresh raspberries..
…drizzled …
..in dark chocolate…
ellie894 November 6, 2019

on and on…

The world is going quiet

As night is drawing near
Two ducks upon the wing
An owl whose who is clear
The moon sits high
Above the shadowed trees
The doves fly low
Among the fading leaves 
On and on
Below it all
On and on
As darkness comes to call
On and on
Plays the song 
On and on 
All night long…

ellie894 November 2, 2019